Monday, January 31

$2 for the Class Fund

I am glad and I thank all of you in your corporation to submit the class fund($2) to me for January. Now, I will be collecting another $2 for the class fund for February. I am collecting the $2 earlier so that I will have enough money to give to Izzat, who bought the Chinese New Year hamper.

For the class fund of January, I paid $18 using the class fund for the Chinese New Year decorations, and that's why now I do not have enough money to give to Izzat. I hope and I seek corporation for all of you to bring $2 tomorrow and give it to me. Below are those who have given $2 to me:

1) Matthias
2) Mirza
3) Bevan
4) Jia Ler
5) Ding Shan
6) Siah Wei
7) Daniel

The people listed above do not have to give or bring $2 to give it to me tomorrow. Those who are not listed here please bring $2 tomorrow. Anything please post under the comments section below. Thank You.

Wednesday, January 26

Reminders - $2 for the Class Fund

These are the people who had no give $2 to me this month for the class fund which I am organising:

1) Abu (Will give tomorrow)
2) Ming Yong (I will tell him)
3) Izzat 
4) Mikhael (Will give next week)
5) Ray (Will give tomorrow)

The people listed above please bring $2 for the class fund tomorrow. Please inform me through he comments section of this post if you had paid and your name is listed here or when you haven't pay and you name is not in here. Thank You.

Tuesday, January 25

Class Fund and Chinese New Year Decoration

Hi fellow classmates,

I have an announcement to make or something for you to take notice. Today, some of our classmates and me bought the Chinese New Year Decorations for the class and these decorations will be put up by this week. With that, I wish to collect the class fund for our class tomorrow for the Chinese New Year Decoration. I am collecting the class fund earlier for this month because of the Chinese New Year Decorations.

So, everyone please bring $2 tomorrow and give it to me. Thank You.

Monday, January 24

Science Worksheets

The following people please hand in your science worksheet to me tomorrow. Some of you have handed up only 1 or 2 but I need all of them from you.

-Jia Ler
-Heo Yub
-Ding Shan
-Chen Yu
-Ray Chow
-Jin Qian

CNY- Hamper and Deco.

Hello guys,

In the "comments section" below, please do state the food items you can donate for the hamper. Please do note that the food you give must be racial and religious friendly and must not be expired. Please do clarify if you need anymore information and do note that it is strongly advised that we give canned food. (E.g, Sardines, Tuna etcetera)

For class decorations for CNY, we do need a representative to be in charge. Any volunteers? Please do give your suggestions if any and do bring Red Packets if you have any tomorrow. I will be collecting them and putting them in the cupboard for the time being.


Abu Ubaidah

(On behalf of the Service Learning committee)


Wednesday, January 19

Homework for 19 Jan 2011

Please get someone to post on the blog. NOW! VOLUNTEER!

1. Science worksheets some of you havent pass up to Mr Tee yet. I dont care how you get it, like retrieving it from the toilet, calling your dog to spit it out etc.  Pass it to him by Friday WITH STH WRITTEN ON IT.

2. The English reading thingy post it on the EL blog by Friday. Answer the questions for the cover page and 6 poems. Remember to download the second file of questions from the English GoogleSite.

3. Did you download the Maths PDF file on Parabolas? Do it by Friday or Mr. "Evil" Ng would let you die a horrible death. 

4. Do the Maths Worksheet too. 

For Chinese ppl
Remember to do the MRT worksheet which some of you havent done yet. Go call your baby brother to vomit it out if needed. 

Ok? Bye! XD

Seriously, someone volunteer. I cant do this all day. I got no time. 

Tuesday, January 18

My Goals By Chan Jia Ler

Get from 60% to 80% for EOY exams.
Be more attentive in class.
Hand in my homework more punctually.
Be more fit.

Get Well Card for Ming Yong

Hi S2-06,

Would you guys like to make a Get-Well card for Ming Yong? Mikhael, would you be willing to take charge of this?


Best Regards,
Mr Dennis

Monday, January 17

Da photos of leaves( Science)

Dear All, I am currently posting this up due to certain requests although I know its already kind of late. I know the pictures are not crystal clear HD but least its better than nothing but certain features can be seen if you zoom in..if not...CRY
P.S I think I din take the photo of B..sorry about that

My Goals

-I want to have better study habits, at least thirty mins a day and one and a half hours a month before exams.
-I want to hand in at least most(for every 10 only 1 late with valid reason) of my work on time.

-I would like to be fitter(Try running faster for 2.4km napha).
-I would like to achieve a gold for my napha.


I wish that I can join air rifle for my CCA.

I wish to bond and get to know more about each other (S2-06-S1-06)

I wish the class can be moe awesome:D

I wish I can score 70% and above for EOY:D

I wish that my goals can be achieved...


Friday, January 14

Homework for Today(14/1/11)

1) History Homework on Japan: From Samurai to
   Sony(Answer the questions)

2) Science Homework: Draw the dichotomous key chart
   and statement for the leaves. For those who have not
   draw the leaves, please do so.

3) Do science worksheet 1, on the 5 kingdoms of life.

4) Do science worksheet 2, on the flowcharts, statements
   and dichotomous keys.

5) For those who had not done the Chinese
   comprehension worksheet, please do so.

6) Do the ADMT blog post, about the games that you play.

7) Read both the English handouts(Chapters 1 and 2) and
   answer the questions for the cover page and 6 poems.
   Remember to download the second file of questions
   from the English GoogleSite.

8) Post the answer to the blog question on the English blog
   under the comments section. This is graded so do this

9) Research on Geography Plate Tectonics, Convergence,
   Divergence and Transformation.

10) And 1 more, Ace-Learning Homework on Ace-Learning
     Portal. Write down the workings on the same exercise

11) Revise for Chinese Reading Test on next Tuesday.
     This test will include MCQ and Open-Ended Questions.
     You may bring your notes with you for the test.

12) You should also have received an email to say you have been invited to a spreadsheet named 'An Organism's World'. I think we need to answer the questions given.

Thursday, January 13

My goals Jonathan 12

Academic :
-I would like to be better in chinese and be more participative in chinese
-As my maths last year was not good or up to my expectations, I would like to try harder
-I would also like to try harder for science

Physical :
-I would like to be more sport-ish
-I would like to find another sport which I would find interesting and fun besides tennis

My goals for 2011!

I wish that I can join Bowling for my CCA.

I wish to bond and get to know more about each other (S2-06-S1-06)

I wish the class can be more well behaved:D

I wish I can score 68% and above for EOY:D

I wish that my goals can be achieved...


Tuesday, January 11

Report Books and AUP

Hi !

Please submit your report book and AUP to me as soon as possible if you have not done so!

Please also inform everyone that the following 2 periods are swapped:
Thurs (9am-10am) swapped with Fri (10:30-11:30am)
In other words, your English lesson is swapped with your Science (BIO) lesson.


Mr Dennis

Monday, January 10


1. Comment on your classmates' posts on the Science blog about the 5 kingdoms by tonight(10/1/11).

2. Science worksheet to be completed by Thursday(13/1/11).

3. For the Peer Support Leaders(PSL) please print and hand in your Science homework to me(Akhil) by Tuesday(11/1/11) and finish the Maths Ace-Learning portal homework which I think has been extended till Tuesday(11/1/11).

4. For those who are more hardworking, you might like to write down 2-3 key characteristics on each of the 5 kingdoms in Science. There is no deadline for this and is not compulsory.

5. For those who need to do English retest you have to stay back tomorrow(11/1/11). The test is at 2pm but be there by 1.45pm if not, latest, 1.50pm.

All the best! :D

My Goals

Now I am the co-author of the class blog, so I can post my goals. These are my goals for the year of 2011:

My Academic Goals are:

1) To score at least 3 A1s among the 6 subjects.

2) To give me at least 6 hours a day to revise, do my homework and go through what I had learnt in school.

3) To start to think and consolidate what I had learnt in school and at the same time write down the main points.

4) I will also like to start reading the next chapter which I will learn before my reachers go through it so that I will be better prepared for the lessons.

My Physical Goals are:

1) To give me more time to practice my floorball(does not include floorball training) so that my floorball skills will become better.

2) To give me some time to go to the neighbourhood park to run at least 5 rounds and start to increase the number of rounds every time.

3) To start to do some of the physical training done in floorball so that I will have more strength and do better for my NAPHA this year and next year(Push-ups, Sit-ups)

4) To start to jump so that I will grow taller which will help me in some areas. In the meantime, I can improve myself by performing better in the different sports.

Sorry for the late post.

Sunday, January 9

For 10/01/2011 Stuff

Hi guys!
Tmr bring these items...

1) Blue File(Math file)
2) An A4/A5 Size Book (NoteBook for math)
3) An Exercise Book for the ace-learning portal(To be completed with workings inside)
4)For students taking Chi,bring your Textbook(Up and Down) and Workbook(Up and Down too)
For those who have not done your ace-learning,better have a valid reasons so that you wont join the club.
Wear Uniform for tmr.(Bring PE shirt if you have CCA)
If you have not post your goals for this year,post NOW!we have CE tmr so do it now,press the NEW POST button now.

Sleep well guys:D

Saturday, January 8

Decourating the blog

Hey guys, i go find blogskins that fit this blog and i will post the links on the comments section. Please help me find more. rmb do ace learning!


Friday, January 7


Guys remember Mr Ng said that we need certain things to bring by next week.

This is just a reminder :

1) Blue File
2) An A4/A5 Size Book (NoteBook)
3) An Exercise Book for the ace-learning portal (Also one assignment this weekend)

Bring this stuff if not your membership will be upgraded to Plutonium.

Feel free to comment if you are unclear of anything.

Maths Homework

Everyone please remember to do your Ace-learning portal.

It is due on Sunday night at 10:30

Brendon Goh

Thursday, January 6

My goals (Mikhael Tyebally)

-I want to have better study habits, at least an hour a day and two hours two weeks before exams.
-I want to hand in all my work on time.

-I would like to be fitter.
-I would like to achieve a gold for my napha.


Can anyone kind enough please please please post the homework if the is any on a daily basis?

Wednesday, January 5

My Goals

-Hand in work on time.
-Study on a regular basis and especially a few weeks before exams.

-Train to be more skillful and obtain more stamina to last me at least 90 mins for this year's tournament.

Goals For 2011 by Izzat (09)

My Academic Goals are:

1) To obtain better results for my weaker subjects such as Maths, and also to achieve even better results in the subjects that I am fairly good at.

2) To have at least 2-3 hours a day to revise schoolwork.

3) To be better prepared for tests and exams.

4) To be able to hand up most of my homework.

My Physical Goals are:

1) To be more trim and fit.

2) To be taller.

3) To improve my skills in floorball so I am more prepared for tougher matches.

4) To be able to learn other various types of sports.

Goals For 2011 (Ronak)

My goals for 2011 are separated into 3 types:

Academic - I want to achieve more than what I had achieved as overall in Secondary 1.
How :
1) Revise each topic that was gone through in school at home
2) Ask teacher if unclear
3) Do more personal home practice
4) Never do anything last minute
5) Hand-up everything on time and never delay

Personal - I don't want to be a shy person like I was in 2010 (Sec 1)
How : Work up my confidence own-self (Its already working)

Physical - I want to be really good in my defense in Cricket
How :
1) Everyday at home during breaks practice along the wall
2) Go to coaching every week
3) Practice with my Dad since he was a good player when he was in University

Hope to achieve these goals by end of 2011.

Chinese homework

Bring your 假期功课,作业 2a/2b,文件(file) tmr

My Goal.

I am more into sports so my goal is to strengthen my body and excel in any fitness test.

AUP and report books

HI S206,

Please remind everyone to bring the signed AUP and report book to school and submit to me immediately. Thanks!

Best regards,
Mr Dennis

Goals for 2011

Hi S206,

Happy to see you sharing your goals on the blog. This is a good way to help you achieve your goals as your friends will remind you should you forget. Hope to see everyone post by Friday!

Warmest Regards,

Mr Dennis Lam

Tuesday, January 4


1. Physically

Improve on badminton by practicing more

Improve stamina by jogging more

Get gold for Napha

2. Academically

Ace maths
Pass MotherTongue
Ace Science

By ming yong

Goals For 2011

1. Physically
Goal: Improve my physical abilities and health/well being

-Make time to jog distances at least once a week to improve my stamina

-Play badminton at least twice a week in order to maintain the level of my skills

Goal: Get 60 above for all subjects and have a aggregate of least B3

-Make Proper Notes for a easier time revising

-Pay more attention in class

My goals for 2011! (Akhil Vuputuri)

1. I hope to improve in the subject areas that I am weak in, like Mother Tongue and Maths. I will work harder to achieve my goals.

2. I want to improve my skills in CCA and also my body fitness. Although I am able to pass the NAPFA test, I want to work harder and get gold for it.

3. I want to ace and do my best for all my subjects and not underestimate any subject. I aim a to get an A for every single subject.

Goals for 2011

Academic Goals
1) I want to have self discipline and allocate at least 3 hours a day doing work.
2) I want to score a minimum B3 average for my overall subjects.
3) I want to do my submit quality homework all the time

Physical Goals
1) I want to run at least three times a week.
2) I want to swim at least once every fortnight.

Science Homework

Dear all,

Please remember to bring your science homework for our first Science lesson tomorrow.

Thank you.

My Goals for 2011 (Abu Ubaidah)

My goals for 2011 are

1) To get only A1/A2/B3s in all my subjects based on my strength on the subject itself.

2) To be a good friend to my peers and juniors.

3) To prioritize my time better.

4) To spend more hours studying and if possible, form a study group in school.

Abu Ubaidah

Brendon 's Goals

This are some of my goals:

1) To work harder in my weak subjects like Chinese, English and science as they are pulling my overall results down. I will have to spend more time revising on these subjects and probably spend less times on games and wasting time.

2) I will try to eat more healthily and exercise more as I am not really fit. I will stop eating so much, and stop eating during recess and supper. Instead, I will exercise more and play sports more often when I have free time.

Brendon Goh

Goals For 2011

These are my goals for 2011:


Goal: Cycle to Desaru, Malaysia. But if it is not possible because it has to be done in a group, then my goal would be to cycle faster than both my uncle and father.
Steps: 1.Practice cycling in Singapore
2.Exercise regularly
3.Have a strict exercise schedule
4.Get one point higher for NAPFA than 2010


Goal: Score a enough to get my favored subjects in secondary 3.
Steps: 1.Pay attention in class
2.Submit work on time
3.Treat school as a serious matter
4.Do all homework properly
5.Clarify anything I do not understand
6.Have an interest in studying
7.And study on my own

Done By

My goals for 2011

I want to improve my skills in chinese so that I can understand comprehension passages more easily to save time and give better answers. I will also be more organised at home to increase my efficiency in clearing my homework and not to struggle with it just because I did not plan my time properly.

Siah Wei

Ray's Homework

My goal is to do well in EOYs and try my best not to screw it too much.