Monday, January 31

$2 for the Class Fund

I am glad and I thank all of you in your corporation to submit the class fund($2) to me for January. Now, I will be collecting another $2 for the class fund for February. I am collecting the $2 earlier so that I will have enough money to give to Izzat, who bought the Chinese New Year hamper.

For the class fund of January, I paid $18 using the class fund for the Chinese New Year decorations, and that's why now I do not have enough money to give to Izzat. I hope and I seek corporation for all of you to bring $2 tomorrow and give it to me. Below are those who have given $2 to me:

1) Matthias
2) Mirza
3) Bevan
4) Jia Ler
5) Ding Shan
6) Siah Wei
7) Daniel

The people listed above do not have to give or bring $2 to give it to me tomorrow. Those who are not listed here please bring $2 tomorrow. Anything please post under the comments section below. Thank You.


  1. can i give $12 all at once?

  2. I do not encourage you to do that, Ray, as in some part of the year if we encounter any problems it will not be too nice.