Monday, January 24

CNY- Hamper and Deco.

Hello guys,

In the "comments section" below, please do state the food items you can donate for the hamper. Please do note that the food you give must be racial and religious friendly and must not be expired. Please do clarify if you need anymore information and do note that it is strongly advised that we give canned food. (E.g, Sardines, Tuna etcetera)

For class decorations for CNY, we do need a representative to be in charge. Any volunteers? Please do give your suggestions if any and do bring Red Packets if you have any tomorrow. I will be collecting them and putting them in the cupboard for the time being.


Abu Ubaidah

(On behalf of the Service Learning committee)



  1. Okay thanks Abu,
    This is the official post. State food that are preserving and will not expire soon, halal, racial and religious friendly. Remember that the hamper is for the children. Small soft toys are enabled(non-harzard). The age group is from 3-16 year old.
    We will be splitting into two groups. One the hamper, the other, the class deco. I will need 5 people to volunteer for the hamper-making. The others will focus on the deco.


  2. Can rice or noodles (not instant noodles) be given?

  3. @ Akhil, I will help you clarify that with Mr Dennis :)