Wednesday, January 5

Goals For 2011 (Ronak)

My goals for 2011 are separated into 3 types:

Academic - I want to achieve more than what I had achieved as overall in Secondary 1.
How :
1) Revise each topic that was gone through in school at home
2) Ask teacher if unclear
3) Do more personal home practice
4) Never do anything last minute
5) Hand-up everything on time and never delay

Personal - I don't want to be a shy person like I was in 2010 (Sec 1)
How : Work up my confidence own-self (Its already working)

Physical - I want to be really good in my defense in Cricket
How :
1) Everyday at home during breaks practice along the wall
2) Go to coaching every week
3) Practice with my Dad since he was a good player when he was in University

Hope to achieve these goals by end of 2011.

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