Wednesday, January 19

Homework for 19 Jan 2011

Please get someone to post on the blog. NOW! VOLUNTEER!

1. Science worksheets some of you havent pass up to Mr Tee yet. I dont care how you get it, like retrieving it from the toilet, calling your dog to spit it out etc.  Pass it to him by Friday WITH STH WRITTEN ON IT.

2. The English reading thingy post it on the EL blog by Friday. Answer the questions for the cover page and 6 poems. Remember to download the second file of questions from the English GoogleSite.

3. Did you download the Maths PDF file on Parabolas? Do it by Friday or Mr. "Evil" Ng would let you die a horrible death. 

4. Do the Maths Worksheet too. 

For Chinese ppl
Remember to do the MRT worksheet which some of you havent done yet. Go call your baby brother to vomit it out if needed. 

Ok? Bye! XD

Seriously, someone volunteer. I cant do this all day. I got no time. 


  1. Ray, don't ask others to volunteer. Volunteer yourself! If not just keep quiet.
    And by the way pass the science worksheets to me.

  2. Nope,its good if he does it once in a while..but people should not rely on this to know what the HW is...they should write down somewhere or something.

  3. Instead of volunteering himself, Ray is asking others to volunteer which is not good.

  4. Yeah thats the only probelm..other than that its fine if somebody can volunteer if you are free or sth...

  5. Everyone can post homework occasionally if they want. There does not need to be a person who must post homework all the time. If you feel like posting, go ahead but don't force others.

  6. Exactly. Initiative counts. And anyway, you should be taking down your own homework and know that homework posting is for the benefit of the absentees usually.