Friday, January 14

Homework for Today(14/1/11)

1) History Homework on Japan: From Samurai to
   Sony(Answer the questions)

2) Science Homework: Draw the dichotomous key chart
   and statement for the leaves. For those who have not
   draw the leaves, please do so.

3) Do science worksheet 1, on the 5 kingdoms of life.

4) Do science worksheet 2, on the flowcharts, statements
   and dichotomous keys.

5) For those who had not done the Chinese
   comprehension worksheet, please do so.

6) Do the ADMT blog post, about the games that you play.

7) Read both the English handouts(Chapters 1 and 2) and
   answer the questions for the cover page and 6 poems.
   Remember to download the second file of questions
   from the English GoogleSite.

8) Post the answer to the blog question on the English blog
   under the comments section. This is graded so do this

9) Research on Geography Plate Tectonics, Convergence,
   Divergence and Transformation.

10) And 1 more, Ace-Learning Homework on Ace-Learning
     Portal. Write down the workings on the same exercise

11) Revise for Chinese Reading Test on next Tuesday.
     This test will include MCQ and Open-Ended Questions.
     You may bring your notes with you for the test.

12) You should also have received an email to say you have been invited to a spreadsheet named 'An Organism's World'. I think we need to answer the questions given.


  1. Can somebody post the pictures of the leaf specimens?

  2. I do not have it with me because I drew everything in school, but maybe you can ask Chen Yu because he say he have the pictures.