Monday, January 10


1. Comment on your classmates' posts on the Science blog about the 5 kingdoms by tonight(10/1/11).

2. Science worksheet to be completed by Thursday(13/1/11).

3. For the Peer Support Leaders(PSL) please print and hand in your Science homework to me(Akhil) by Tuesday(11/1/11) and finish the Maths Ace-Learning portal homework which I think has been extended till Tuesday(11/1/11).

4. For those who are more hardworking, you might like to write down 2-3 key characteristics on each of the 5 kingdoms in Science. There is no deadline for this and is not compulsory.

5. For those who need to do English retest you have to stay back tomorrow(11/1/11). The test is at 2pm but be there by 1.45pm if not, latest, 1.50pm.

All the best! :D

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