Monday, January 10

My Goals

Now I am the co-author of the class blog, so I can post my goals. These are my goals for the year of 2011:

My Academic Goals are:

1) To score at least 3 A1s among the 6 subjects.

2) To give me at least 6 hours a day to revise, do my homework and go through what I had learnt in school.

3) To start to think and consolidate what I had learnt in school and at the same time write down the main points.

4) I will also like to start reading the next chapter which I will learn before my reachers go through it so that I will be better prepared for the lessons.

My Physical Goals are:

1) To give me more time to practice my floorball(does not include floorball training) so that my floorball skills will become better.

2) To give me some time to go to the neighbourhood park to run at least 5 rounds and start to increase the number of rounds every time.

3) To start to do some of the physical training done in floorball so that I will have more strength and do better for my NAPHA this year and next year(Push-ups, Sit-ups)

4) To start to jump so that I will grow taller which will help me in some areas. In the meantime, I can improve myself by performing better in the different sports.

Sorry for the late post.

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