Monday, February 28


1) Remember to write/type your script and do some editing to it.
2) Maths WS 02 look through and prepare to hand up to Mr Ng by Wednesday(2/3/11)
3) Science file check
4) Do S&W form for netball for yourself, your teammates, your team, your opponents and your opponents team. Click here to do.

Reminder: Maths retest for quiz 2 on Wednesday. Please revise

If there are anymore i left out, please include it in the blog post. Thanks! :D

Friday, February 25


1) Do comprehension and essay question for chapter 6 of chicken soup. Do put in effort in writing your essay as it will be graded for your CA assessment(English)
2) Bring Homework 02 for Maths. If you have any queries, do ask Mr Ng on monday's maths lesson.(Maths)
3) Finish Homework 03 by this coming Tuesday(1/3/11)(Maths)
4) For your maths performance task, hand up latest on Monday(28/1/11)
5) Assemble your science notes to show Mr Tee that you have been learning in class by Monday(28/1/11)(Science)
6) Do the 2 source based questions on Japanese reformation. Due on the next History lesson(2/3/11)(History)
7) Research on Geography and the different types of lave by next geography lesson(3/1/11)(Geography)
8) Prepare project proposal for your desired project due by next IPW lesson(1/3/11)(IPW)
9) Do S&W form located here about the analysis for your own, your team, an opponent's team and every member of your team and the opponent team.(S&W)
10) Complete Trexi bear(ADMT)
11) Submission of presentation board and group journal due on (9/3/11)(ADMT)
12) Mr Dennis gave us a form about our summative assessments for the semester. Please hand up to Mirza and Joel by Monday(3/1/11)

1) For chinese students, your chinese level test will be on the coming tuesday(3/1/11)
2) Humanities test on week 10. Revise using your journals.

If there are anymore tests or homework that i have not informed you about, please write in the comments section. THANKS!!! :D

Thursday, February 24

Homework for Today(24/2/11)

For the soccer boys and my classmates, this are the homework for today so that you will not be left out:

1) Revise for the Chinese Test Next Tuesday(1/3/11)

2) English - Do the Chapter 6 both the comprehension and essay question if you have not.

3) ADMT - Discuss with your group about your idea. Remember about your presentation and the journal.

4) Geography - Research on this few topics:

- Types of Lava
- Shapes of Volcanoes
- Types of Volcanoes
- Formation of Volcanoes

Please refer to the research in order of what I had listed above. If I am wrong, other classmates please correct me so we have the correct information.

5) There was a form given by Mr Dennis. For my other classmates, please ask your parents to sign it and for the soccer boys, take the form from Mr Dennis tomorrow.

Please also remember to do the Maths Performance Task and please remember that all of you will have to show Mr Tee tomorrow one thing which shows that you have been studying. Other than that, there is no homework for History.

Friday, February 18

The 3 Netball Teams(After Planning)

These are the 3 netball teams after planning and I really suggest it to all of you. These are the finalized teams:

My Recommended First Team: 

Matthias(GA), Brendon(GS), Abram(GD), Mikhael(WD), Joel(GK), Hao Ming(C), Chen Yu(WA).

My Recommended Second Team: 

Heo Yub(GS), Izzat(GA), Jia Ler(GK), Daniel(GD), Akhil(WA), Jonathan(C), Ming Yong(WD), Mirza(WD).

My Recommended Third Team: 

Jake(GS), JQ(GA), Ronak(GD), Abu(WD), Siah Wei(GK), Ding Shan(C), Ray(WA), Bevan(GA).

I hope all of your will be able to go along with my suggestion and decision, but if you really have any comments, then you can post under the comments sections below. Thank You. Also remember to tell me which team is imbalanced. 

Thursday, February 17

Friend of Singa


so how? Anyone wants to be friend of Singa? Let me know by today if you are interested.

Mr Dennis

Wednesday, February 16

Reminder for the Chinese Pupils

Chinese Pupils please remember to bring your Chinese Newspapers tomorrow as that is what Mdm Yeo instructed me to. Please also remember to bring your Chinese Textbook tomorrow so that we can continue with our lessons.

Tan Hao Ming

Tuesday, February 15

Friend of Singa Ambassadors

Dear S2-06,

  • The Friend of Singa 2100 aims to promote the essential values of selflessness and love behind the kind acts of young individuals.
  • The school will nominate 4 students from Secondary 1 and 4 students from Secondary 2 for this award. These students will be honoured as Friend of Singa Ambassadors once they have attended a workshop and completed a kindness project together.
  • Details of the workshop are as follows:
Dates: 16, 17 and 18 February 2011

Time Slots:
Session 1: 8.45 - 1.30 pm (lunch 1.30 - 2 pm)
Session 2: 1.45 - 6.30 p.m (take away tea break at 6.30pm)

Venue: The Black Box (level 5, National library)
  • All selected students are required to attend ONE workshop session conducted by the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM). This workshop is free of charge.
  • After attending the workshop, the students must complete a group project related to the given theme in their schools.
  • The theme for this year is RESPECT.
Please approach me immediately if you wish to be nominated. Thanks!

Mr Dennis

Tuesday, February 8

Reminder for CHINESE guys

If you are not learning chinese, please ignore this post. 

Bring these stuff:
1. Bring your Purple file.
2. Bring the white colour( the new one) zuo ye book.
3. Also, bring the green TEXTBOOK( the old one).

Tuesday, February 1

Just a Reminder about Class Fund and Homework

Just to remind all of you about the homework for today:

1) Maths Worksheet on Solving Quadratic Equations Example 2.

2) Complete the forms for Science on Ecology and also do up the forum.

3) Though English Chapter 4 Blog Questions and Comprehension Questions are supposed to be submitted next week, complete it as early as you can.

4) Chinese Spelling is next Thursday on the words which are underlined (Story 2) and the Maths Retest is next Monday during lunchtime. For those who have yet to sign the papers for the Maths test, please get it sign.

5) IPW Challenges for the Project and the rules of your team.

These below are the people who will have to bring $2 tomorrow and give it to me for the class fund:

1) Abu
2) Jake
3) Chen Yu
4) Jin Qian

I hope to seek your corporation and I would like to thank all of you for giving the class fund for January to me. Thank You.

Some Admin

HI S206,

I am happy to see some of you searching the hall diligently for the bib. Sadly, some of you went missing - I hope you disappeared for a good reason. Nonetheless, I want to say a BIG thank you to those who tried.

I found a lot of rubbish in the classroom when I went up to lock the room, including a half-finished orange. I wonder what it will smell like tomorrow. Please clean up the classroom before I come in for CNY celebration, ok?

Mr Dennis

Chinese New Year Celebration

Hi Everyone,

Tomorrow we will be in class from 8am-9am for a presentation by the NE rep as well as a Lo Hei in class. I will explain Lo Hei to you tomorrow if you don't understand.

Thereafter we will proceed to the Hall for concert.

BTW it is believed that owing money over the Chinese New Year will bring bad luck, so those of you still owing $2 to HaoMing please return to him as soon as possible.

Xing Nian Kuai Le!

Mr Dennis