Friday, February 18

The 3 Netball Teams(After Planning)

These are the 3 netball teams after planning and I really suggest it to all of you. These are the finalized teams:

My Recommended First Team: 

Matthias(GA), Brendon(GS), Abram(GD), Mikhael(WD), Joel(GK), Hao Ming(C), Chen Yu(WA).

My Recommended Second Team: 

Heo Yub(GS), Izzat(GA), Jia Ler(GK), Daniel(GD), Akhil(WA), Jonathan(C), Ming Yong(WD), Mirza(WD).

My Recommended Third Team: 

Jake(GS), JQ(GA), Ronak(GD), Abu(WD), Siah Wei(GK), Ding Shan(C), Ray(WA), Bevan(GA).

I hope all of your will be able to go along with my suggestion and decision, but if you really have any comments, then you can post under the comments sections below. Thank You. Also remember to tell me which team is imbalanced. 


  1. I reply to you on the docs already. You want me to change? But it looks like others agree with this. I will see how then.

  2. LOL am I WA or what because Izzat is also WA and the first team looks alittle imba on the attacking side..

  3. No, You and Izzat are both WA except that your may swop during the game. Your may also choose to change your positions if your want but the most important one over here is your teams, not your roles in your teams.

    As for the first team, what do you mean by their attacking side? I mean, what about their attacking side? Too strong? Too weak? Can you explain clearly?

  4. Third Team is overpowered=.=change daniel with Abram,then balance a bit more...

  5. First team also quite overpowered-.-

  6. ok. i think this is nt bad.

    To anyone:

    If u think my team / yub team is over powered? Think again. Look closely at the players

  7. Hao ming why everytime you make your team the worst=.=
    at least balance out properly cos our team have no good players except for me or joel or you-.-

  8. Hi… sorry, Hao Ming, so what is the finalised grouping? Can email me please? Thanks!

  9. i agree with matthias... I think matt team abit imba

  10. All the good players
    1st team-Not to be proud but me only
    2nd Team - YUb,Izzat,Daniel,JOnathan
    3rd team- JQ,Ronak,ODS

    team 1- 1 GD player
    team 2-4 GD player
    team 3 - 3 GD player
    Totally imba