Thursday, February 24

Homework for Today(24/2/11)

For the soccer boys and my classmates, this are the homework for today so that you will not be left out:

1) Revise for the Chinese Test Next Tuesday(1/3/11)

2) English - Do the Chapter 6 both the comprehension and essay question if you have not.

3) ADMT - Discuss with your group about your idea. Remember about your presentation and the journal.

4) Geography - Research on this few topics:

- Types of Lava
- Shapes of Volcanoes
- Types of Volcanoes
- Formation of Volcanoes

Please refer to the research in order of what I had listed above. If I am wrong, other classmates please correct me so we have the correct information.

5) There was a form given by Mr Dennis. For my other classmates, please ask your parents to sign it and for the soccer boys, take the form from Mr Dennis tomorrow.

Please also remember to do the Maths Performance Task and please remember that all of you will have to show Mr Tee tomorrow one thing which shows that you have been studying. Other than that, there is no homework for History.

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