Friday, February 25


1) Do comprehension and essay question for chapter 6 of chicken soup. Do put in effort in writing your essay as it will be graded for your CA assessment(English)
2) Bring Homework 02 for Maths. If you have any queries, do ask Mr Ng on monday's maths lesson.(Maths)
3) Finish Homework 03 by this coming Tuesday(1/3/11)(Maths)
4) For your maths performance task, hand up latest on Monday(28/1/11)
5) Assemble your science notes to show Mr Tee that you have been learning in class by Monday(28/1/11)(Science)
6) Do the 2 source based questions on Japanese reformation. Due on the next History lesson(2/3/11)(History)
7) Research on Geography and the different types of lave by next geography lesson(3/1/11)(Geography)
8) Prepare project proposal for your desired project due by next IPW lesson(1/3/11)(IPW)
9) Do S&W form located here about the analysis for your own, your team, an opponent's team and every member of your team and the opponent team.(S&W)
10) Complete Trexi bear(ADMT)
11) Submission of presentation board and group journal due on (9/3/11)(ADMT)
12) Mr Dennis gave us a form about our summative assessments for the semester. Please hand up to Mirza and Joel by Monday(3/1/11)

1) For chinese students, your chinese level test will be on the coming tuesday(3/1/11)
2) Humanities test on week 10. Revise using your journals.

If there are anymore tests or homework that i have not informed you about, please write in the comments section. THANKS!!! :D

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  1. Wait... The el chapter 6 is a blog qn or an essay to hand up by hand or submit folder?