Tuesday, February 1

Just a Reminder about Class Fund and Homework

Just to remind all of you about the homework for today:

1) Maths Worksheet on Solving Quadratic Equations Example 2.

2) Complete the forms for Science on Ecology and also do up the forum.

3) Though English Chapter 4 Blog Questions and Comprehension Questions are supposed to be submitted next week, complete it as early as you can.

4) Chinese Spelling is next Thursday on the words which are underlined (Story 2) and the Maths Retest is next Monday during lunchtime. For those who have yet to sign the papers for the Maths test, please get it sign.

5) IPW Challenges for the Project and the rules of your team.

These below are the people who will have to bring $2 tomorrow and give it to me for the class fund:

1) Abu
2) Jake
3) Chen Yu
4) Jin Qian

I hope to seek your corporation and I would like to thank all of you for giving the class fund for January to me. Thank You.

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