Wednesday, March 2

Homework for Today(2/3/11)

1) ADMT Mechanisms Worksheet (if you have not hand up, please give it to Mr Lim tomorrow).

2) Chinese Email Writing (Reply to your friend about your own views on hongbao money).

3) History Homework (The source-based questions - Do what the source tells you and does not tells you). Also, History, do remember to read the set of notes which was given to you so that it will be easier for you to make inferences next time when you do this type of questions as you have more information.

4) Science Worksheets which was given yesterday by Mr Tee. Assignment 5, Pre-Test (Free Response Questions), Set of Notes. Read all the notes and therefore prepare for the next lesson.

5) Maths Homework 03 (Algebraic Problem Solving), Finish all the questions, including the additional practice ones, and also Maths Homework 02, do all the questions too, together with Maths Solving Quadratic Equations Supplementary Corrections, the one which was returned to you.

6) Do remember for Geography, all of you will have to research on the lava and volcanoes, their types, how volcanoes are formed, and the others. You may ask others if you do not know. Please put comments below if I missed out anything which we are supposed to research on.

7) Remember for the I&E and Maths Performance Tasks. We are supposed to complete the I&E Performance Task by next week and also one of the Maths ones, unless you are submitting both Maths Performance Tasks in Term 2, you may choose to, but plan your time well.

8) Lastly, there is English, whereby you have to do your Chapter 6 Essay Question and submit the soft copy into the English Submit Folder for our Class tomorrow. Also, plan and rehearse well for your speech so that you will be well prepared for it. Remember, the time limit is 3-5 minutes.

9) IPW - Redo the Research Proposal Form and at the same time do the Individual and Group Proposal Form after you have done the individual one. If I am not wrong, the materials can be found in the Google Site under IPW. This is due by the end of next week.

10) Oh yes, lastly, S&W, whereby you have to fill in the forms given to you on the S&W blog for our class. Remember to list down the strengths and weaknesses of yourself and you teammates, together with the players from one of your opponents' teams. Assess them, you should be able to submit about 16 forms, if I am not wrong.
If I miss out anything please post under the comments section of this post below.

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