Tuesday, March 29


1) English is due tomorrow during Mrs Nair's class(30/3/11)
2) Maths due dates for different assignments
-Fri 1/4/11 : HW 02, HW 03, HW 04
-Mon 4/4/11 : March Holiday Revision Worksheet, Simultaneous Equations Linear
-Fri 8/4/11 : Simultaneous Equations Non-Linear
3) Chinese HW due all on Wednesday(30/3/11)
- 作文一(一份珍贵的生日礼物): Matt and JQ
- 实用文一:Ding Shan, Daniel Tan, JQ, Matt, Jia Ler, Ray
- 作文二(活到老,学到老)
4) Science groups for the E-learning who haven't handed up the video to Mr Sim please do so and find him to put into his hard disk.
5) Science Individual Task please hand up HARD COPY to Akhil tomorrow.
6) History type out your views on the features of a civilization. Ms Tay will go through it next Monday( 4/4/11)

*Reminder Friday(1/4/11) bring a curve ruler and 4 pieces of graph paper.

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