Wednesday, March 30


1) S&W complete SWOT analysis for netball over here. Due on Friday(1/4/11)
2) Complete the diet sheet on E-learning over here. Due on Friday(1/4/11)
3) Chinese file please bring for checking tomorrow(31/3/11).
4) Science File bring for checking tomorrow(31/3/11).
5) Chinese complete the WS titled: 90 后的你是哪一族? Due on Friday(1/4/11)
6) Bring books o from the class library.

Reminder: Chinese Essay Test is on Term 2 Week 4. Day to be confirmed.

If I miss out any please do add into the blog post. Thanks :D

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  1. The Due date of ALL of the Science E-Learning things(Individual script[pass to Akhil] + VIdeo + Storyboard) IS FRIDAY~~FRIDAY~~~

    Ps:After Mr Sim changed to due date to Friday,Ronak said he love him.