Friday, March 4


1) Try to finish your script by this weekend for english as it is graded and there will be no more class time given to complete the script. For those who haven't done the blog question for Chapter 6, please get it done and submit it via submit folder.

2) Do exercise 08 for the indices worksheet. Mr Ng will go through that on the next lesson.

3) Do assignment 5 for science on the trophic levels and food chain/food web.

4) Please complete 作业 1 in the 华文作业本 and pass up to Mdm Yeo by the next chinese lesson.

5) Please look through the worksheet that was given today on energy conservation to prepare for Mr Tee's next lesson. Please also research on Rachel Carson(DDT) and Agent Orange(Napalm). The pictures seen can be quite gory, so viewer's discretion is advised.

6) Travel Declaration Form please submit to Ming Yong on Monday. Those who haven't handed up the CA assessment hand up to Joel or Mirza.

Humanities Test is on this coming thursday, so study hard!
Geography will be tested on tectonic plates and drawing of convergence, divergence and transform of continental and oceanic plates.
History will be tested on 2 sourced based questions on everything you have learnt on Japan. The link for the revision material can be located here.
For more information on both tests, refer to your journals. ALL THE BEST!

Thats all, if I missed out any, please edit on the blog post so that it can be seen clearly. Thanks :D

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