Friday, April 29


1) Geography do your final edits to the performance task about Japan and Yunnan earthquake and prepare to submit next week.
2) There will be a summary test next thursday(5/5/11) Mrs Nair will prepare us for the test on monday and wednesday
3) Chinese Summative Assessment 1(SA1) will not have Paper 1. It will only have Paper 2.
4) Science logbook is due today. If you haven't submit, submit by today or early morning on tuesday. It should consists of Research plans and drafts, experimental design, material list and logbook activities all attached.
5) Maths homework on Set language and notation
- Ex 4.18-4.27(Page 16-22)
- WS C(Page 25-26)
-WS D(Page 27-28)
-WS B(Page 24)
Meaning you have to complete the whole set of notes.
Happy(or not so happy...) Labour Day!!!

Thursday, April 28


1) Prepare for thesis sentence and topic statement test tomorrow.
2) Lit Review to be handed up hardcopy tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, April 27


1) Chinese composition corrections.
2) Thesis statement and Topic sentence to be done on the specific topic you chose. Do with your partner.

* There will be a test on thesis statement and topic sentence on Friday(29/4/11)

Tuesday, April 26


1) Maths set language and notation example 4.15-4.16(page 12-14) on the worksheet itself. Due next maths lesson(3/5/11)
2) Maths worksheet A(Page 23) to be done on foolscap paper. Due on thursday(28/4/11) hand up to Brendon though there is no maths lesson.
3) Do chinese worksheet 对你说声对不起.
4) The 汉字 for 课文8 has been given to you. Do the back page.
5) For those who logbooks have been checked by Mr Sim, insert the logbook activities in and submit it to Mr Sim.

Monday, April 25


1) English thesis statement on the subject shown by Mrs Nair.
2) Science Logbook to be handed up on Tuesday(26/4/11) for Mr Sim to further edit the experimental design for you. Your logbook should contain your final research plan along with all your other drafts, material list both attached and the experimental design unattached, so he can edit and give it back to you.
3) Peer assessment should be submitted by 5th May. For the group and individual report, it should be submitted on 10th May. For more information on the group and individual report, click here.
4) ISS logbook activities is to be submitted on Friday(29/4/11) with your logbook.
5) Chinese 听写 for 课五和六 is postponed to wednesday(27/4/11)
6) Maths Set language and notation do example 4.11-4.13

Friday, April 22


These are the items due on the 6th of May, Friday(Week 7)
1) Presentation board should consists of your title as toy design, your challenge(objective and target audience) isometric view and exploded view(parts of your toy). First Angle Orthographic projection has been scraped(25%)
2) Design Journal with your group's progress since the start. (25%)
3) The Prototype of your toy.(30%)


1) Maths HW 5 on Quadratic Curves is due latest on monday or be prepared to receive the yellow form.
2) IPW rules of citations in APA format to be done on your own group's site.

Wednesday, April 20


1) Chinese research on 端午节。
- 端午节会有是么活动
2) Chinese 听写 has been moved back to next wednesday(27/4/11)
3) Upload your group rules and lamp design for I&E
4) Remember there is a maths quiz tmr on indices

Tuesday, April 19


1) Read page 3 and 4 of Set language and notation
2) Click here to do the E-learning feedback.

Monday, April 18


1) Complete your geog journal of Japan and Yunnan earthquake and is to be handed up on 26th of April 2011(Tuesday)
2) For those who haven't completed the summary writing on geniuses, do it and pass up to Mrs Nair on the next english lesson(20/4/11, Wednesday)
3) Read through the maths notes on Set language and notation page 2, finite,infinite,empty and universal set. (For those who don't have the set of notes please collect from Abram)

* Science test on Wednesday during Mrs Nair's class
* Chinese 听写 课文五和六 on Wednesday
* Maths test on Indices on Thursday after CST for 20 mins
* Any overdue maths assignments or corrections pass to Jonathan or take the initiative to put it in Mr Ng's pigeonhole yourself.

Sunday, April 17


1) Finish Geography HW performance task.
2) Finish WS given by Mr Ng on quadratic curves. Due on thursday(21/4/11)
3) Maths Homework 1,2 and 3 to be handed in by monday
4) English Podcast

On thursday there will be a test on indices for 20 mins after CST. Revise well.

Thursday, April 14


1) Post the two IPW HW onto your group google site by tomorrow morning, recess time.
2) Eng WRITE a letter to they CEO of Lohan company of Argooza to tell him about the deforestation problem.
3) By tomorrow, complete at least one of the two earthquake affected areas and show Mr Koh.
4) Tomorrow there's chinese essay test. Please remember to bring your E-dictionary and Chinese foolscap paper.

Wednesday, April 13


1) Revise for chinese essay test on Friday(15/4/11).
2) Click here for the english homework for today.
3) Go to ADMT Blog for the types of questions being tested for tomorrow's test.
4) Go to submit folder for the slides for ADMT test.

Tuesday, April 12

Homework for today (12/4/11)

1) Practice 7 & 8 of sketching quadratic curves by next maths lesson.
2) For those who haven't handed up all your past maths homework, hand up by the end of this week or else you will be staying in school for the extra lessons.
3) 听写words for lesson 5 and 6, do the last page.
4) Geography performance task concerning the Sendai, Japan earthquake and Yunnan earthquake to be done by 22nd april(Friday).
5) Bring your materials for science performance task.

Monday, April 11



1) History complete "Beginning of civilizations" page 2&3
2) Research Proposal draft 3 to be submitted by Thursday(14/4/11). Any later submissions will not be counted. This is part of the 20% of the science mark.

This is the update for the science test. There will be a revision science test this week. Not counted in overall EOY 100%


1) History complete "Beginning of civilizations" page 2&3
2) Research Proposal draft 3 to be submitted by Thursday(14/4/11). Any later submissions will not be counted. This is part of the 20% of the science mark.

Friday, April 8


1) Geography research on earthquakes, specifically the Yunnan and Japan Earthquake 2011 and the Japan Tsunami.
2) Trexi bear templates hand up by next week.
3) Isometric projection must be completed before the 2-hour rendering session next week(14/4/11).
4) ADMT test will be on Thursday (14/4/11). Tested on cam, leakages, pulley, lever. It will be 45mins long, after CST. 2 questions, drawing and explanation needed. Resources can be found in the student's file share.
5) If you need consultation from Mr Lim on the design journal or your toy design, feel free to look for him either on Tuesday(12/4/11) or Thursday(14/4/11) after school.
6) Get your materials for ISS this weekend.
7) By Monday(11/4/11) complete your set-up design. Consultation on Tuesday (12/4/11)
8) Maths (A,H,K) complete the table on Page 10 by next maths lesson. (11/4/11)

Thursday, April 7

A Letter On Computer Game Addiction by Tan Hao Ming

Dear (My Friend's Name),

How are you? How have you been so far? It has been so long since I write a letter to you. This time, I am writing a letter to you to inform you about the negative effects as to computer game addiction. I know that you are so addicted to computer games, you have to play them for at least 6 hours a day without stopping. I feel that this is not too good for you because when you play computer games, when you get addicted to them, what will happen is that you may get illnesses or sick.

Do you know that some people get sick and illnesses which may cause them discomfort for several weeks, and these may stretch to several months? Other than getting sick, this may also cause you to lose your temper when you are denied from playing computer games. I feel that you should spend more time with your family so that they will not feel bored. You could spend time with them by playing educational board or card games with them, or memory card games. Another way you can spend time with them is to go out to the nearby park to exercise or play sports with them, such as cycling, running, walking briskly, playing soccer.

Yours Sincerely,

Hao Ming

Internet addiction

Dear Fernando,

The last time we spoke,it was the end of last year and frankly,I am quite worried for you. I see your wall on facebook.Every post is on different games.Sometimes I even see posts at 3am. This has to stop. This addiction of yours,it is hurting yourself.I know it is so easy to get addicted but this has to stop. I wish you luck.


Letter By Abram

Dear (My Friend),

I have watched a couple of videos on gaming addiction during my advisory lesson. I learnt that gaming has no value and it wastes your time and your life after many years. I found out about a guy that had been gaming for 30 years and regretted for wasting almost half his life. He had wasted time to game and missed out much on life's best moments. He missed sleep, friends and even family. I really hope that you know what the right thing is and do only what is right. I will help you as much as I can and hope to see you change.


Letter to Ray

Dear Ray,

I would like to remind you that excessive gaming is harmful. Every time during recess/lunch or most of the time, I notice that you play minecraft most of the time. This may affect your lifestyle. Therefore, I encourage you to play moderately, and not to be obsessed with too much of games.

You also have to be more active. You should monitor your physique especially when you are about to go for NS in 5 years. You will get PWNed in NS. Wait, ignore that NS thing, okay? Gd luck with obliterating your gaming addiction.

Yours Sincerely,
Siah Wei

Computer Game Addiction Letter

Hi (Insert Name Here),

  I know, at times, computer games are alluring and makes you want to play them instead of homework. Also, facebook/twitter is also drawing you in. Yes, it is fun. But is there really a point in doing so? Even if you cannot pull yourself away, at least only do so after you do your homework.

Yours Sincerely,

Matt BEAN-Reflection of DA LESSON

Many people are ill or overweight because of Games.They also cause people to become anti-social.We can be involved in games or Activities that gets you more friends and deepen relationships between people.

Matthias Lee

Computer Addiction

Dear brother,
Please do stop your gaming, It hurts to see you glued to the computer 5 hours a day, doing nothing but playing games. You neglect your own family, your sleep, your health. Not visiting family even on Hari Raya! I do not know what to think of you any longer, You had to retake a year of school in NUSH and lost even 3 cm in height! Be smart, You are wasting your time, Guess why I stopped playing a long time ago? I miss the old fun loving you, The one I called a brother with pride and joy, a person who always stood up for family and all. You need to start visiting again, Even family questions where you are at. I mean this with all my heart, If you start from the start, I'll accept you again.

Computer Addiction

Dear Bevan,

I am very concerned with your K-pop addiction. Every time the teacher lets you use your earphones, you always go to youtube to search for videos. This wastes a lot of valuable time and you are not able to complete the work assigned to you for that lesson. When I saw your history of the previous day. I saw that you mostly go to watch K-pop videos. You really need to need to do something about this problem.



We can make them involved in the outdoor activities more so that they do not want to go and play their computer games. After awhile, they would be addicted to playing with us instead of playing computer games :D


dont be an ADDICT

Dude, you seriously have nothing better to do other than sitting down in front of the computer??? How do you expect to be normal in the real world?? You'll be a retarded, fat geek that has no life you want that???
Dedicated to ray

Ray's Work

Dear me,

Stop Facebooking. I know that it is fun, but what's the point of Facebooking, adding friends, tagging friends? ZzZ. Well, you can blame Mark Zuckerburg for that.

Computer Addiction

Dear Anonymous,

I have recently heard of your serious obsession with video games as well as doing un-meaningful stuff online and I would really like to inform you that this addiction has to stop. Take all offense you want and cry but I seriously have to tell you that these unproductive online activity is fatal in a way and I think that you have really no life. Every hour you spend online everyday would mean another one hour less of doing fruitful and useful stuff such as homework, interaction with friends or even doing exercise everyday which would leave you stupid, jobless, have no life, have no friends and less healthy which you are. So now cry and you better curb that addiction of yours.


A very concerned parent (Mother)

Dear, Me...

Dear Me,

Don't go and play counter strike later. I know you want to... Go and do something else. Like do your ADMT. Or do something with your mom.

Computer Addiction

Dear Charles,

I have not been in touch for you for a long time and I have been wondering why you have not been replying to me. Your Mom told me about your bad habit. Internet addiction is not good at all.

Your should stop internet addiction as it will pull you away from your real world and make you thing of ridiculous things due to your sub-consious gaming mind. I hope you do not do anything like that as you are my very good friend and I do not want to lose you.

I can help you from this. Please reply and tell me when I can meet you to tell you how badly you are reacting to others. Please let me help you. We can go out to watch a movie together, play, hand out but you have to stay away from internet addiction as it can cause much harm to me.

Your Favorite Friend,

Game Addiction Letter

Dear Izzat,

At times, when you have free time, you will start to play games. The problem is that when you start playing the game, you will start procrastinating about doing other important things, such as doing school work. Although it may be temptation, you have to at least resist and do all our important work and complete all of it, then we can play games as a form of relaxation.

Yours Sincerely,

Gaming addiction

Dear xxx,
I want to say that playing 3D games are not good for the health. Waiting for sms from others and facebook noctification are useless too.
From xxx

Computer Addiction (CyberWellness)

Dear Jonathan,

I hope you will kick away this bad habit of chatting on your Mac while you are studying or doing your homework. This will distract you from your studies and will affect your results. If you continue this, it might get worse and so it might start to gaming addiction. I advice you to work out a schedule or timetable to plan your working and relaxing time. At least this will help you in your study planning, or maybe you can also use the time to just do more meaningful activities.

Your's Sincerely,

Computer addiction


I know you are addicted to gaming, and your results are getting bad.
Please stop getting addicted to online games and all your browser games like y8, mini clip as well as social networking sites like face book. Your health and work is both more important, as well as spending time with families and friends. Please concentrate more on your work as it is for your good.



To Jia Ler, By Jia Ler

Dear Jia Ler,
Please stop playing facebook games. I know that it is very addictive, but you school work is the most important. If you are not good at your school work, you will not do well at your exams. So, again, please stop playing computer games.

By Jia Ler


1) ADMT Sketches for your toy design product.
2) PW introduction practice. Read the passage here and do the PW introduction here.

Wednesday, April 6


1) Complete the spreadsheet on persuasion of DOVE over here
2) Post your phone design for the I&E design thinking course.

Tuesday, April 5


1) Due by next maths lesson(8/4/11) along with simultaneous equation, complete the quadratic curves HW practice 4&5
2) Those who haven't given your 作文 to 杨老师 on 水密桃一族, hand up to her tomorrow
3) Science Flagship camp form get it signed and returned to Mr Sim tomorrow(6/4/11)
4) Science Research Plan get it done and passed to Mr Sim on Friday(8/4/11)
*Reminder: on 15/4/11, next Friday, there will be a chinese essay test.

chinese letter writing test

15 april got chinese test

Monday, April 4

Track and Field Heats


I have re-keyed the Track and Field entries for S202, S206, S208 and S209. Please inform your friends to bring their running gears for the heats on 5 April if they have signed up, even if they didn't see their names in the list today.

Buses to Queenstown Stadium are provided - meet in the hall at 2:30pm.

Best Regards,
Mr Dennis


1) For those who haven't complete Geog journal Lesson 5, complete it!
2) Please read all information available in Lesson 5 of Geog and a quiz will be conducted on the following geog lesson(8/4/11).
3) Please get ready your research proposals for Science ISS. It will be checked by Mr Sim on Friday(8/4/11)
4) For those who haven't completed the questions for English "The Teacher" and "Jesse Owens", please submit to Mirza or submit folder respectively.
Those who didn't submit "The Teacher":
Jia Ler
Ding Shan
5) Science File will be checked on Term 2 Week 4 during the class test. Please get it ready.

*There will be a Class Test on Environment In Term 2 Week 4.