Friday, April 29


1) Geography do your final edits to the performance task about Japan and Yunnan earthquake and prepare to submit next week.
2) There will be a summary test next thursday(5/5/11) Mrs Nair will prepare us for the test on monday and wednesday
3) Chinese Summative Assessment 1(SA1) will not have Paper 1. It will only have Paper 2.
4) Science logbook is due today. If you haven't submit, submit by today or early morning on tuesday. It should consists of Research plans and drafts, experimental design, material list and logbook activities all attached.
5) Maths homework on Set language and notation
- Ex 4.18-4.27(Page 16-22)
- WS C(Page 25-26)
-WS D(Page 27-28)
-WS B(Page 24)
Meaning you have to complete the whole set of notes.
Happy(or not so happy...) Labour Day!!!

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