Monday, April 18


1) Complete your geog journal of Japan and Yunnan earthquake and is to be handed up on 26th of April 2011(Tuesday)
2) For those who haven't completed the summary writing on geniuses, do it and pass up to Mrs Nair on the next english lesson(20/4/11, Wednesday)
3) Read through the maths notes on Set language and notation page 2, finite,infinite,empty and universal set. (For those who don't have the set of notes please collect from Abram)

* Science test on Wednesday during Mrs Nair's class
* Chinese 听写 课文五和六 on Wednesday
* Maths test on Indices on Thursday after CST for 20 mins
* Any overdue maths assignments or corrections pass to Jonathan or take the initiative to put it in Mr Ng's pigeonhole yourself.

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