Monday, April 25


1) English thesis statement on the subject shown by Mrs Nair.
2) Science Logbook to be handed up on Tuesday(26/4/11) for Mr Sim to further edit the experimental design for you. Your logbook should contain your final research plan along with all your other drafts, material list both attached and the experimental design unattached, so he can edit and give it back to you.
3) Peer assessment should be submitted by 5th May. For the group and individual report, it should be submitted on 10th May. For more information on the group and individual report, click here.
4) ISS logbook activities is to be submitted on Friday(29/4/11) with your logbook.
5) Chinese 听写 for 课五和六 is postponed to wednesday(27/4/11)
6) Maths Set language and notation do example 4.11-4.13

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