Friday, April 8


1) Geography research on earthquakes, specifically the Yunnan and Japan Earthquake 2011 and the Japan Tsunami.
2) Trexi bear templates hand up by next week.
3) Isometric projection must be completed before the 2-hour rendering session next week(14/4/11).
4) ADMT test will be on Thursday (14/4/11). Tested on cam, leakages, pulley, lever. It will be 45mins long, after CST. 2 questions, drawing and explanation needed. Resources can be found in the student's file share.
5) If you need consultation from Mr Lim on the design journal or your toy design, feel free to look for him either on Tuesday(12/4/11) or Thursday(14/4/11) after school.
6) Get your materials for ISS this weekend.
7) By Monday(11/4/11) complete your set-up design. Consultation on Tuesday (12/4/11)
8) Maths (A,H,K) complete the table on Page 10 by next maths lesson. (11/4/11)

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