Thursday, April 7

A Letter On Computer Game Addiction by Tan Hao Ming

Dear (My Friend's Name),

How are you? How have you been so far? It has been so long since I write a letter to you. This time, I am writing a letter to you to inform you about the negative effects as to computer game addiction. I know that you are so addicted to computer games, you have to play them for at least 6 hours a day without stopping. I feel that this is not too good for you because when you play computer games, when you get addicted to them, what will happen is that you may get illnesses or sick.

Do you know that some people get sick and illnesses which may cause them discomfort for several weeks, and these may stretch to several months? Other than getting sick, this may also cause you to lose your temper when you are denied from playing computer games. I feel that you should spend more time with your family so that they will not feel bored. You could spend time with them by playing educational board or card games with them, or memory card games. Another way you can spend time with them is to go out to the nearby park to exercise or play sports with them, such as cycling, running, walking briskly, playing soccer.

Yours Sincerely,

Hao Ming

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