Tuesday, May 31

Suggestions for the class outing, our class fund and small reminders

Hello everyone, I believe all of you are getting ready for the camp now. Before the camp, all of you must remember to do your own readings on the different applied project challenges which you choose, and do what you are suppose to do with the readings. Also, when packing, please remember to bring the things which are inside the list given to you before the start of the holidays; it is in the form. Other than the camp, you still have to complete what you are suppose to do for the I&E project on push carts, which is to generate your own ideas and collaborate them with your group members. Then, each group will have to choose the best idea for the push carts. Each group are also supposed to do up a prototype of the push carts based on this idea. Meanwhile, do your want a class outing? If so, do your have any suggestions for the class outing? If you have, then you can put it under the comments section below. 

Bevan has already agreed with a class outing, but if any of you want to object, you can. For those who really feel that there is a need for our class to have a time to get together, then you can put down your suggestions for the place which you think is suitable. We will definitely discuss it with the other ex-co committee members of the class, and will most likely choose the one with the most number of votes. Other than the class outing, some of you still have not paid for the class fund yet. However, this is not a rush. I will try to collect the money from each of those who had not paid when school re-opens. Do note that the leftover money will be equally divided among the whole class in October or November, before the December holidays. So far, we have only been using this money to buy the Chinese New Year materials and the farewell cards for Mr Aidil and Mrs Nair. We will see for the class outing.

That is all I have. I hope everyone will have a good holiday but at the same time please take care of your own safety, because nothing is much more important than it.  

Thursday, May 19

MR Dennis Lam here


(iii) Student Survey - pls note details.

Divide the class into 4 groups (approx 5 to 6 per group) to do the survey.

The first group will do for Math and I & E

The 2nd group will do Science, ADMT and Geog

The 3rd group will do English Language & S & W

The 4th group will do Mother Tongue and History

Mr Dennis

My growth/Reflection (Siah Wei)

Through the years, I have faced a number of events that changed me, both physically and mentally. There are some physically challenging events i have faced, like vigorous training, which allowed me to have just that teeny bit more of stamina to pass my 2.4 km run. But that is not all. I have learnt to manage the increased amount of homework, and also how to behave more appropriately.

Siah Wei

Akhil (03) Reflections

From last year till now, I believe that I have changed a lot in terms of personality, how I think and physically. Most of the changes are positive. I feel that I am more focused in doing my work and improving myself. I have also become competitive and am trying to score better in assessments. I am also able to plan my time well and am handing my homework more punctually compared to last year. I have improved drastically in my NAPFA test. I scored a silver for NAPFA although I could have scored a gold if I had improved my standing broad jump which is my goal for next year.

ODS's reflections

Somehow, I do not think I have grow much of this 6 months.
Other than getting taller. But I think that last year was the more "mutured" year for me.
I have gotten stronger and my stamina improved much.
I think I am more "opened" to others although it may not be an advantage.
I hope to be able to communicate better to strangers yet not be so open for next year

My Changes in Behaviour and Attitude towards Work - Tan Hao Ming

From last year till this year, I really feel that I had changed a lot in terms of my behaviour and my attitude towards my work, especially homework. I feel that I had changed in a positive way, but there is certainly still some room for improvement for me. In my behaviour, I had turned more caring towards my classmates, but I am still trying to develop this type of behaviour. When my classmates had some problems with their work, I will try my best to help them. However, I still think one of the factors which may really affect a change in behaviour in students is the environment which the student is studying in. This includes the facilities provided, the type of teachers and the type of friends. Other than studying, at home, there may also be problems which may affect the change in behaviour. For me, I had changed because I know it is time for me to try to get rid of my bad habits and strive for the best. But, there is still some room for improvement for me because I still have some of the bad habits which I once had. It is really not easy to get rid of all the bad habits and change to become a 'perfect' person in 1 year. I felt that this school has already given me the right environment to study in, so I think it is time to change myself.

In my attitude towards work, I feel that I had changed in a positive way too, because I am still able to complete most of the work on time. In this year, there has been more homework than last year, but I still tried my best in completing the work on time. At the same time, I am still trying not to change my attitude towards both my friends and my attitude towards work. 

Growth JQ

I have grown in my academics and i have grown in my personality. i also have grown im my knowledge and i should learn more of the knowledge and catchup on my math homework. I should also improve on my 2.4 timing and i should study more.

Yub's Growth

During the the year, until now, I have grown in many ways, although it is not drastically, such as my attitude towards studying. As a result, my studies have improved for subjects, specially history. Another thing that have changed is my attitude towards homework. This year, I have been consistently doing my homework. This is due to renewed interest on my studies. I believe that I have also grown in teamwork and leadership while doing my ADMT and ISS project.

Growth (Joel)

I feel that i have a better attitude towards learning as compared to last year. I'm hoping to improve in my studies by the end of this year, all of which would mean that I have learnt to ignore distractions, like the leraning device.

The Awesome One's Growth

Firstly throughout the course of the year...the most ever most most most significant change in me is that I have seriously dropped my so called 'addiction' of Mark Zuckerberg's honorable creation, aka, Facebook. From like almost being on Facebook for almost all my free time, for some reason it has decreased to probably a few minutes of checking my notifications my phone and so on...and that Facebook tab in my browser has seriously become a rather useless one...also..I probably have growth 1-2cm :)

Daniel Tan (20) reflection

I feel that I have grown both physically and mentally. I think I have learnt how to lead better by being the vice chairman of my class. I have also grown to learn how lucky we are compared to other people living in third world country.

Reflection of Growth(Mirza Dzulkarnain)

I feel that during the course of the year,I have grown much in many ways. Especially in my behavior. I believe that my behavior has improved since last year as I find that I am concentrating more in class,which is much better.I also find that I am more interested in school now. :)

Ray's growth(Sounds Wrong)

  1. I grew taller
  2. I grew up
  3. I grew older
  4. I grew better in handing in homework
  5. I grew better in screwing up my results
  6. I grew better in rushing to the MRT than last year
  7. I grew excellently in failing 2.4, from passing to failing
  8. I grew better in sleeping

My growth(Matthias Lee)

Growth refers to an increase in some quantity over time. The quantity can be:
  • Physical (e.g., growth in height, growth in an amount of money)
  • Abstract (e.g., a system becoming more complex, an organism becoming more mature).
It can also refer to the mode of growth, i.e. numeric models for describing how much a particular quantity grows over time.
After referring to the above information,I realized that i grew not only physically but also mentally and attitude-ly.


Reflection of Growth.(Abu Ubaidah)

I shall not start by saying that I have changed drastically. I remain the same person inside, I still carry the same values. But indeed, I have grown. A passion towards biology and chemistry was instigated, The love I carry for languages was strengthened and I have become more mature and critical in my thinking processes. To me, As soon as I started learning in SST, I felt an extreme bond with the teachers which I doubt I could have found anywhere. But I believe that it was the attributes of my form teacher Mr Dennis which inspired me to come up with the analogy I currently believe in for bonds with my friends. The best way to solve a problem is to acknowledge someone without looking at them. Also, I have learnt to see the calm center of what might appear to be hurricanes even better. This might just be a chunk of text but somehow, I have improved a lot in many things. For an example, I have grown to be mature about my connections with people and also poetry. Poetry now provides the means for me to vent my stress and anger without being so harsh. I could say that I have managed to control my emotions better from the start of the year and become an overall better person...

Jonathan's Reflections

I believe I have grown in leadership and teamwork so far this year. I have grown in leadership through the PSL and leadership trainings, as well as being a PSL in the orientation this year. These trainings and experiences will benefit me alot in the future. Through many of the group projects this year such as the ISS, I&E and ADMT projects, I have learnt to work with others that I rarely work with and have grown and learned to collaborate with them. These projects have taught me about good teamwork and collaboration.

I have also become more interested and focused on my studies such as Maths and Chinese (not so much :/) I am hoping I would be able to improve alot in my studies this year.

Growth & Reflection (Ronak)

I feel that I have grown in terms of qualities and personality since last year and as time passed I appreciate these values. Last year I realized my mistakes and bad values so I improved it this year. I got better in sports and studies than last year. I got more confident in life to do many things in different areas. I have become more social now. I have also acquired many skills through the years for project work and many other things. I can say and feel that I grew up and changed from last year.

Brendon's Reflections

I have grown since the start of secondary school.

My knowledge of things became bigger, as I continue to live my life and experience or come across more things and learn new things and study them, so my studies get better and improved.
( in therms of what you know about the subject rather than marks for exam ) as well as concepts and other things.

I also improve on my skills, like life skills, as well as doing work as well as psychically. I do better in my work, and I passed my NAPFA as well as other qualities.


Abram's Growth since 2011

I think that I have grown in both physical and non-physical ways. I have grown in my ability to concentrate on work, which means that I have not been distracted as much as last year, with the Mac or with other things. I think that was helpful because I am able to do my work more efficiently and keep up with work, while keeping fit and also enjoying myself. I think that I have improved in my total physical fitness but have made my standing broad jump worse...On the other hand, I improved my 2.4km run and other stations. For my non-physical ways, I have improved in speaking of my Chinese.

Reflection on growth since start of year: Jake

I feel that over the past 6 months, I have learnt more academic knowledge and moral values too. This helps me to understand my classmates more and also helps me to bond with my classmates. Physically, I have also grown, but what I think impacts me most is the values and national concerns that is shared during CE and Advisory. I hope to grow more academically and in terms of height.

ODS's reflections

Somehow, I do not think I have grow much of this 6 months.
Other than getting taller. But I think that last year was the more "muture" year for me.


I feel that I have grown, both in my work ethic and height. Event though I have some overdue work, I am starting to do work better and do work well.

Ming Yong's reflections

I think i have grown and changed significantly compared to last year. Thinking about how i used to act last year i find it hard to believe that was once me. I have learnt to respect others opinions and never tell someone "you are wrong"( unless its something like a math question). I also think about others in different situations and put myself in others shoes to understand the reasons behind their actions and emotions. For example, when someone gets really angry I do not judge them as hot tempered people but rather understand that it is only natural for him to feel that way after what has happened.

However i am disgusted at the fact that there are still really, really immature people in my class. Actually its just one, and i pray that he will grow up soon, before I cannot contain my anger and disgust anymore.

Reflection By Chan Jia Ler

I feel that I had improved in teamwork a lot since last year, and I hope to improve even more as time goes on. However, I seemed to de-proved in my studies, as my results last year was better than my results this year. This make me think that I should study even more to catch up with the other students in the school. Also, I seemed to have done more homework last year than this year, so I will also have to make some changes to my attitude towards homework completion.

Personal growth Bevan Koo Reflection

Hi everyone,

I am going to reflect on myself on my personal growth this year. I think i had increase in my physique like my weight, height and size of waist. Feel that I became more wise and thoughtful. I feel the stress increase that approach every year in school. This is very normal for me every year.

Since I joined SST since in 2010, i met different types of friends from different school where the culture was mixed compared to the my primary school life. I feel that I had became more IT-savvy in SST as we are learning new things on the Macbook. I think that I became more thoughtful, kind and funny this year. I feel that my friends know what I am (exaggerated and funny)(love to sing and dance). Actually I was suppose to go into ART stream and so some cannot get used to it.

I find that I got more addicted to Kpop songs and variety shows. I think that I should concentrate more on my studies and become a good student, friend and role model:D

Reflections on my Growth (Izzat Syahmi)

I feel that I have grown quite a fair bit in my values from last year. After last year, I had realised that I had to be more responsible with my life, and not to waste it all away. There are many things that I reflected on last year that I wished I didn't do. There were some things that I wished didn't happen, and it was all my fault. After much thought, I agreed in my heart that I had to change and to be a better person. I wanted to change not just so that my parents won't be disappointed in me, I also changed to be better to my friends and also myself.

Tuesday, May 17

Reminder of Collection for the Class Fund

Everyone please be reminded that for the next 3 days I will be collecting the class fund, unless there is no time at school, because sometimes the CST Period will be used. So, everyone please bring the right amount of money to pass it to me. Anyway, as for the class outings, I need to discuss with the other ex-committee members of our class to decide on whether there is going to be such outings. We had not have one yet so far and I am sure most of us hope that there could be one. Also, another 2 things to take note are that:

Everyone please complete your project task challenge for I&E, where you have to observe the structure, the good and bad points of the push carts. And, do remember to include your opinions on them. You may choose to include pictures and videos of the push carts, and also conduct an interview with the push cart owners, so as to learn more about the push carts. The next thing to take note is that do remember to check the Google Site for the groupings for the SST-NTU Flagship Programme, and also the applied project challenge you are assigned to.

Tuesday, May 10


1) Finish Maths HW 7 on Direct and Inverse Proportions.
2) You have till end of Friday to clear all your maths assignments and corrections. Namelist can be found on teacher's table.
3) History Revision Checklist can be found here.

Tomorrow's paper will be English Paper 1 and 2.
Paper 1 will be tested on Graphic Stimulus consisting of thesis statement and topic sentence.
Paper 2 will be comprehension and summary writing. There will be two passages for Paper 2.
Good luck for tomorrow's papers.

Exam Schedule

Friday, May 6

Collecting of Class Fund for the Months of April, May and June

Dear classmates,

I am here to inform you that I am going to collect the class fund for the months of April, May and June together. As you know, I will collect the class fund for every month at the end of each month, but this time for April, I had decided not to collect at the end of the month because of the upcoming exams; it will not be good for people to 'owe' me money during the exams. Then, since I had not collected it at the end of April, I will want to collect it together with the May's and June's class fund at the 9th week of the term, the week right after the exams. The reason why I am collecting the class fund for May and June so early is that the school holidays are in the 2 months, though I can still collect the class fund for June at the end of the month (we will be returning back to school on 26 June - can collect on 30 June). So, please bring a total of $6 and pass it to me on Week 9. However, please do note that:

Mikhael and Brendon has already paid for the April class fund already, together with me myself. Therefore, Brendon and Mikhael just needs to bring a total of $4 each for the class fund of May & June.

JQ and Ming Yong needs to bring $8 instead of $6 because they had not paid for the March class fund yet. I had decided to collect it from them together with the April, May and June class fund so that it will be easier for us; I can collect all the class fund at once too. Never mind if your cannot pass $8 to me at once, you can pass $8 to me by the whole week (maybe $2 each day except for 1 day).

Note: For the others, please do bring your $6 on Week 9, or your can also pass it to me on separate days of the week (Reminder: the week after the common test - only has 4 school days in the week). This is to pay for the class fund for the 3 months (April, May, June). I hope everyone will do these and be able to pass me the $6. Thank You.

Tan Hao Ming  

Geography Test Components

The whole geography summative essay will be upon 2o marks.
- 5 marks will be given to diagram drawing(Hint: Mr Koh won't test what he has already tested)
- 6 marks will be given to evaluation questions. (Mr Koh gave an example on how people adapt to earthquakes. There is another 2 more in Lesson 07. Answer must be given in the form positive negative, three times, since the question is upon 6 marks.)
Lesson 07 will be heavily tested on, so revise longer on lesson 07.
Volcanoes will also be tested.
Topics tested will be from lesson 1 to lesson 7, everything you learnt this year.

Thursday, May 5

Wednesday, May 4

History test components

Common Tests formats

1) 2 inference questions(5 marks x2)(2 peels per Qn)

2) 1 compare and contrast(5m)

3)1 Structured question(5m)(2 peels)


- features of a civilization

- Shang Dynasty

- indus civilization


1) Comprehension passage on English "Rescuing the Gorilla".
2) Tomorrow there will be a summary test.
3) Push cart I&E project to be submitted on the I&E lesson 2 weeks from now.
4) History revision questions downloaded in class do. Answers will subsequently be posted on the google site.
5) Bring your health booklet tomorrow. Health checkup will be on friday and next tuesday.