Friday, May 6

Collecting of Class Fund for the Months of April, May and June

Dear classmates,

I am here to inform you that I am going to collect the class fund for the months of April, May and June together. As you know, I will collect the class fund for every month at the end of each month, but this time for April, I had decided not to collect at the end of the month because of the upcoming exams; it will not be good for people to 'owe' me money during the exams. Then, since I had not collected it at the end of April, I will want to collect it together with the May's and June's class fund at the 9th week of the term, the week right after the exams. The reason why I am collecting the class fund for May and June so early is that the school holidays are in the 2 months, though I can still collect the class fund for June at the end of the month (we will be returning back to school on 26 June - can collect on 30 June). So, please bring a total of $6 and pass it to me on Week 9. However, please do note that:

Mikhael and Brendon has already paid for the April class fund already, together with me myself. Therefore, Brendon and Mikhael just needs to bring a total of $4 each for the class fund of May & June.

JQ and Ming Yong needs to bring $8 instead of $6 because they had not paid for the March class fund yet. I had decided to collect it from them together with the April, May and June class fund so that it will be easier for us; I can collect all the class fund at once too. Never mind if your cannot pass $8 to me at once, you can pass $8 to me by the whole week (maybe $2 each day except for 1 day).

Note: For the others, please do bring your $6 on Week 9, or your can also pass it to me on separate days of the week (Reminder: the week after the common test - only has 4 school days in the week). This is to pay for the class fund for the 3 months (April, May, June). I hope everyone will do these and be able to pass me the $6. Thank You.

Tan Hao Ming  


  1. Week 9 has 4 days, Vesak Day is on Tuesday.

  2. Ok, thanks Ray. So it will be changed to your having to pay me the class fund for the 3 months on 9th week, where there are 4 9days in the week. Your can choose to give me the fund on separate days for the 4 days, as long as your managed to pass the $6 to me. Others, please take note of the things written under the notes section.

  3. Btw Hao ming...since the June hols are already around the you have any plans to organize some class outing with the class funds since we didnt have any so far...

  4. I will need to have a discussion with the other ex-community members of our class, especially our chairman.