Thursday, May 19

My Changes in Behaviour and Attitude towards Work - Tan Hao Ming

From last year till this year, I really feel that I had changed a lot in terms of my behaviour and my attitude towards my work, especially homework. I feel that I had changed in a positive way, but there is certainly still some room for improvement for me. In my behaviour, I had turned more caring towards my classmates, but I am still trying to develop this type of behaviour. When my classmates had some problems with their work, I will try my best to help them. However, I still think one of the factors which may really affect a change in behaviour in students is the environment which the student is studying in. This includes the facilities provided, the type of teachers and the type of friends. Other than studying, at home, there may also be problems which may affect the change in behaviour. For me, I had changed because I know it is time for me to try to get rid of my bad habits and strive for the best. But, there is still some room for improvement for me because I still have some of the bad habits which I once had. It is really not easy to get rid of all the bad habits and change to become a 'perfect' person in 1 year. I felt that this school has already given me the right environment to study in, so I think it is time to change myself.

In my attitude towards work, I feel that I had changed in a positive way too, because I am still able to complete most of the work on time. In this year, there has been more homework than last year, but I still tried my best in completing the work on time. At the same time, I am still trying not to change my attitude towards both my friends and my attitude towards work. 

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