Thursday, May 19

Personal growth Bevan Koo Reflection

Hi everyone,

I am going to reflect on myself on my personal growth this year. I think i had increase in my physique like my weight, height and size of waist. Feel that I became more wise and thoughtful. I feel the stress increase that approach every year in school. This is very normal for me every year.

Since I joined SST since in 2010, i met different types of friends from different school where the culture was mixed compared to the my primary school life. I feel that I had became more IT-savvy in SST as we are learning new things on the Macbook. I think that I became more thoughtful, kind and funny this year. I feel that my friends know what I am (exaggerated and funny)(love to sing and dance). Actually I was suppose to go into ART stream and so some cannot get used to it.

I find that I got more addicted to Kpop songs and variety shows. I think that I should concentrate more on my studies and become a good student, friend and role model:D

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