Thursday, May 19

Reflection of Growth.(Abu Ubaidah)

I shall not start by saying that I have changed drastically. I remain the same person inside, I still carry the same values. But indeed, I have grown. A passion towards biology and chemistry was instigated, The love I carry for languages was strengthened and I have become more mature and critical in my thinking processes. To me, As soon as I started learning in SST, I felt an extreme bond with the teachers which I doubt I could have found anywhere. But I believe that it was the attributes of my form teacher Mr Dennis which inspired me to come up with the analogy I currently believe in for bonds with my friends. The best way to solve a problem is to acknowledge someone without looking at them. Also, I have learnt to see the calm center of what might appear to be hurricanes even better. This might just be a chunk of text but somehow, I have improved a lot in many things. For an example, I have grown to be mature about my connections with people and also poetry. Poetry now provides the means for me to vent my stress and anger without being so harsh. I could say that I have managed to control my emotions better from the start of the year and become an overall better person...

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