Tuesday, May 17

Reminder of Collection for the Class Fund

Everyone please be reminded that for the next 3 days I will be collecting the class fund, unless there is no time at school, because sometimes the CST Period will be used. So, everyone please bring the right amount of money to pass it to me. Anyway, as for the class outings, I need to discuss with the other ex-committee members of our class to decide on whether there is going to be such outings. We had not have one yet so far and I am sure most of us hope that there could be one. Also, another 2 things to take note are that:

Everyone please complete your project task challenge for I&E, where you have to observe the structure, the good and bad points of the push carts. And, do remember to include your opinions on them. You may choose to include pictures and videos of the push carts, and also conduct an interview with the push cart owners, so as to learn more about the push carts. The next thing to take note is that do remember to check the Google Site for the groupings for the SST-NTU Flagship Programme, and also the applied project challenge you are assigned to.

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