Tuesday, May 31

Suggestions for the class outing, our class fund and small reminders

Hello everyone, I believe all of you are getting ready for the camp now. Before the camp, all of you must remember to do your own readings on the different applied project challenges which you choose, and do what you are suppose to do with the readings. Also, when packing, please remember to bring the things which are inside the list given to you before the start of the holidays; it is in the form. Other than the camp, you still have to complete what you are suppose to do for the I&E project on push carts, which is to generate your own ideas and collaborate them with your group members. Then, each group will have to choose the best idea for the push carts. Each group are also supposed to do up a prototype of the push carts based on this idea. Meanwhile, do your want a class outing? If so, do your have any suggestions for the class outing? If you have, then you can put it under the comments section below. 

Bevan has already agreed with a class outing, but if any of you want to object, you can. For those who really feel that there is a need for our class to have a time to get together, then you can put down your suggestions for the place which you think is suitable. We will definitely discuss it with the other ex-co committee members of the class, and will most likely choose the one with the most number of votes. Other than the class outing, some of you still have not paid for the class fund yet. However, this is not a rush. I will try to collect the money from each of those who had not paid when school re-opens. Do note that the leftover money will be equally divided among the whole class in October or November, before the December holidays. So far, we have only been using this money to buy the Chinese New Year materials and the farewell cards for Mr Aidil and Mrs Nair. We will see for the class outing.

That is all I have. I hope everyone will have a good holiday but at the same time please take care of your own safety, because nothing is much more important than it.  

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