Wednesday, June 8

Chinese Homework for the Holidays

Hi everyone,

how has your holidays been so far? How was the SST-NTU Flagship Camp? I am sure all of you enjoyed yourselves in the holidays, especially the camp, but it is really time to get yourselves down into serious work now. In the holidays, our Chinese teacher has given us some homework to do. The homework is on the Chinese blog, but I will briefly describe what it is about. You are supposed to complete the homework by the given deadline and please note that there will be Chinese homework for Weeks 2 to 4 for the holidays. For the homework, you have to go to the Chinese blog and click on the link given to us, which will bring you to a form. Then, you have to try to answer the questions in the form before you click the 'submit' button. This applies to all the forms. All of the Chinese students must complete them before the June holidays end.

Thank You. From: Hao Ming

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