Thursday, June 30

Homework for Today (30/6/11)

1) Maths Performance Task 1 - By Tomorrow (1/7/11)
    Maths Performance Task 2 - By Friday (22/7/11)

2) Ask Your Parents to Sign both the report books and the goals worksheet. By tomorrow (1/7/11)

3) Read the History readings, either the Tang or the Gupta, and then answer the questions in the journal. This is by the next History lesson, which is on next Tuesday (5/7/11)

4) Maths Ace-Learning Portal Assignment - Probability by today's night (30/6/11)

5) For Chinese, edit the blog comments and post them according to the table on Page 6 (30 /6/11)

6) For Science, as a reminder, please complete Homework 01 by next Tuesday (5/7/11)

7) Complete your drawing of the ADMT Layout of the School Hall's events, take a picture of it, and then drop the picture into the ADMT Submit Folder by Monday (4/7/11). Suggestion: By tomorrow.

8) English - Do up your paragraph (1 or 2) for your research on child labour. By Tomorrow (1/7/11)

9) Lastly, complete your I&E Prototypes and Presentation Slides (Drafts 1 & 2) by next Wednesday. 

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