Friday, July 1

Homework for the long weekend

1) English "Exposition Unit 8" complete pages 95-97
2) Maths Ace Learning. Working to be done on ace learning notebook or foolscap paper if you don't have a notebook for ace learning. Starts at 2pm today and to be done latest by 9pm on Sunday(3 July 2011)
3) Research on the two questions given by Mr Ng during maths lesson today.
4) Maths probability worksheet pages 4-7.
5) Chinese WB pages 1-3.

Homework due on 4/7/11
- Homework 1,2,5 from above ^
- History "golden age" page 6 of hist journal
- Science WS on "WAVE"

HAVE A HAPPY YOUTH DAY!!!(But complete hw first :P)

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