Wednesday, July 20

Homework for Wednesday as well as the Weekend

1) Please finish up with your English Corrections for your essays, some of you have to type the corrections out and send it to Mr Chong, while others have to write out the corrections in full. Please complete this task by next week.

2) Please do the Practices 06 and 07 in the Maths Matrices Notes by this Friday (22/07/11).

3) Complete Geography Homework by finding videos about the factors affecting the speed of the rivers and putting them into your Geography Lesson 9. This is by next Monday, the next Geography Lesson.

4) Remember to finish up on your ADMT Google Sketch-Up on your dream house by putting in or finding furniture to be put into your house. This is by next Wednesday (27/07/11).

5) For the bazaar tomorrow, I will be bringing the class fund money as well as an extra box to put in the money collected. Those who are not sure of what to bring: Bring your pencil case, your water bottle and maybe your calculator. All of you should know who is going to set up the stall during the performance.

6) Revise for your Level Tests Next Week. For Maths, there will be a paper, Level Test 3. For Chinese, there will be a letter writing and composition test next Tuesday. The test is about 2 hours and you will have to complete the letter writing and the composition by this time. 

7) On Next Wednesday, there will also be an oral test for Mother Tongue.

I am not very sure about the other tests next week for the other subjects. If you are, then you could include it under the comments section below. This comments section can also be used for any other comments from you. Thank You.

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