Saturday, July 23

Homework for the Weekend (Week 4)

1) Complete your Ace-Learning Quiz on Solving Quadratic Equations by Sunday (24/7/11).

2) Finish up with finding your Geography Videos for the factors affecting the Speeds and Volumes of Rivers by Monday (25/7/11). Please put these videos into your own journals or Lesson 9s.

3) Finish up your ADMT Google Sketch-Up on Your Dream House. Remember to include or put in furniture into your house, whether it is 1 storey or 2 stories. This is by Wednesday (27/7/11)

4) For Chinese Students, the Chinese Performance Task is to be completed by Week 6.

5) Lastly, revise for your tests next week. For Mother Tongue, there will be a paper on Tuesday (26/7/11) and another on Wednesday (2/7/11). The one on Tuesday tests you on Letter Writing, but not Continuous Writing. The one on Wednesday tests you on Oral. Below are the durations of the tests:

Tuesday's Test: Letter Writing (50 mins)
Wednesday's Test: Oral Examinations (After school, anytime)

Remember to bring your e-dictionary or your book dictionary for the letter writing test on Tuesday.

6) For Maths, the Level Test 3 will be on Wednesday. Duration of the test: Unknown. The topics tested:

- Algebraic Fractions     - Solving Quadratic Equations     - Indices and Standard Form
- Quadratic Graphs        - Set Language and Notation       - Direct and Inverse Proportion
- Probability (All)          - Matrices (Part of the Topic)       - Simultaneous Equations

7) For Science, the test will be on Thursday. It will be on all the Physics (Communications Science) Topics which we had learnt. They are Simple Waves, Electromagnetic Spectrum and Reflection.

8) For English, the test will on next Friday. It will be on writing formal letters to people for a purpose. My advice to all of you is that you should refer back to all the formal letters we had done.

Please revise well for all these tests as all of them contribute to either your CA or your SA Marks. Revise them early so you do not get too worried. I wish all of you good luck for all the tests. 


  1. Thanks alot! Really helpful :)

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