Monday, August 1

Collection of Class Fund for the Month of July

Dear Classmates,

I am going to collect the class fund for July from most of you tomorrow. Please take note that I will collect the class fund for each month at the end of the month. So, please do not be mistaken as to why I am collecting the class fund for July in August. Last week, we had the level test, so I decided not to collect the class fund instead, and 31st July was last Sunday. Some of you have not even pay for the April-June class fund yet, but don't worry, I will ask the money from you tomorrow. Meanwhile, if any of your wants a class outing, you may feel free to put in your suggestion at the comments section below.

For the I&E Blog, I will be giving all of you authorship rights. However, I need all of your email addresses to be able to give you such authorship rights. I will ask for these email addresses from all of you tomorrow as well. Anyway, the link to the blog is: Do remember to come out with your 15 questions for the survey and post it on the blog. There will be peer evaluation forms for the I&E Push Cart Project 2011 on the blog as well.

Thank You.

Hao Ming

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