Friday, August 12

More Homework for the Weekend

1) Please Finish your English Narrative Essay by next Friday (19/7/11) if you have not done so.

2) Please Do More Practices on your English Oral Reading. Practice Reading Passages.

3) Please Finish Up the Assignment 'T3W7 Revision Ws' on Ace-Learning Portal.

4) Please Finish Up the Homework Worksheet for the topic of Congruency in Triangles.

5) Please Complete Activities 1.2 and 1.3 in the Science Topic Notes on Sound.

6) For Chinese Students, please finish up with Chapter 16 of your Workbook 2B.

7) For Malay Students, please finish up with your Comprehension Practice.

8) Revise well for the Maths Revision Quiz on Monday and the English Oral on Tuesday.

The Maths Revision Quiz will be on the topics of Indices and Solving Simultaneous Equations using Matrices. The English Oral on Tuesday will be during the afternoon after school. Invigilator: Mr Nooh

9) Level Tests on Week 9. The Schedule for these level tests are out on the main site of the SST Google Site. Here are the dates for each level tests, for more information please refer to the schedule:

Monday of Week 9 (22/8/11): Test on Mother Tongue Languages (Paper 2 - Term 3 Level Test)

Tuesday of Week 9 (23/8/11): Test on Mathematics (More Topics to Study - All the topics learnt)

Wednesday of Week 9 (24/8/11): Test on Science (Physics) (Reflection, Refraction and Sound)

Thursday of Week 9 (25/8/11): Test on English Language (Comprehension and Summary)

For Chinese Students, for the Paper 2 or the Mother Tongue Language Test, there will be 3 main sections. The 1st section will be on cloze passage(综合天空), the 2nd one on Comprehension MCQ (理解问答一) and the 3rd one on Comprehension Open-Ended(理解问答二). Please revise well for this test. I wish your good luck for the upcoming tests in Term 3 Week 8 and Term 3 Week 9.

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