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I and E peer Evaluation

Hi Everyone.

Please fill up this form about evaluating your group members for the I and E pushcart project.

Please use this updated version instead of the previous one as this one includes the 6th member of your group as the previous form does not include it.

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Brendon Goh

Self Reflections 26/9/11 Jonathan

1) My role as a male is based solely on my interests, therefore there are similar roles between male and female in my social circle.
2) The males usually do more of their own work to earn money for the family, but can sometimes help in household chores such as cooking, dishwashing, hanging clothes, etc. The females do more of the household chores but can also do their own work to earn money too, but less of the latter.
3) Males and females all have their own rights and also both genders can do household chores or other physical works, and there should not be much stereotyping according to genders.
4) The roles of both genders are similar and are based on an individual's interest rather than gender.


For last term's I&E assignment on push cart design, please do the peer assessment appraisal located at I&E Blog.

Self Reflection (Siah Wei)

1. There is not much difference between the males and females in my family or among those I know.

2. The male and female roles are the same, as my mother, who is not working now, worked back then.

3. Females are almost as capable as males, other than a slight difference in physical ability.

4. I think that there are no male roles or female roles but it just depends on the person's preference. It just so happens that most men prefer a certain job, therefore classifying it as a male job.

self-reflection (ODS)

I would see myself as a student. Not much of any gender differences, there is not much differences between me and my sibling. Perhaps only the job of the father.

All of us can do whatever there is, chores, outing with others.

Other than difference in physical appearance, females and males can definitely switch jobs. With the right emotions and mindset, those are possible.

There is no difference between both gender. Only thing that differs us is the culture and believes that influence us from the past.

Self-Reflections for CE Lesson (Tan Hao Ming)

1) In my family, I see myself as a young male / adult who needs to take care of his own siblings as well as to prevent any conflicts or arguments in the family. In school, I see myself as a student who has to take care of the other students and at the same time help them out with their homework.

2) The male roles in my house are to work as a driver and to study smartly. These are important roles for the family. Likewise, the female roles of my house is to do some housekeeping and settle all the other matters. Other male roles in my house is to take care of the family, and this is the same for the females. This is the point that is the same between the males and the females in my house. 

3) Males and females have almost the same roles in the society, and they are similar. Every human being can make a difference in the society, and hence both males and females can actually change the society, and even change the world.There is no restriction that males cannot work in a job more for females and females cannot work in a job more for males. Females do work, not just males, but the roles of different people under the same jobs are the same; they have to serve for the society.

4) For some of the males and females, they will have their natural and special abilities / skills, but abilities / skills can be developed and trained. Some females have such natural abilities / skills that they are able to take up certain jobs for females and maintain their jobs well. This is the same for males, some males have such natural and special abilities / skills that they are able to do well in their jobs.

Reminder: I will be collecting the class fund for September on 30 September 2011, this Friday.

Ray CE Lesson Thingy

1. Males and females have the same rights, the difference between them is a female can be pregnant while a male cannot. Other than that, males and females are the same. So males can do female work and females can do males' work. Males and females have the same amount of equality.

2.  Fathers can be househusband or a breadwinner, and mothers can be housewives or breadwinners too. There is no problem in doing these jobs.

Self Reflections ( TCY)

1. As a male, for some reason I am the one to ask people(inclusive of both genders) out for random things. Especially people NOT from sst.

2. Actually, there are no such thing as 'male' and 'female' in my household. Both my parents 'slack' on the basis of being the breadwinners.

3. Actually, other than body parts and different mentalities there are no differences.


Self Reflection (Ronak)

1) I help my dad and mom, but not work like household chores.

2) Both are the same as both my parents work, but naturally a male will be stronger than a female.

3) I believe if we set our mindset, we can imagine them the same but males are naturally stronger than female and but females have a more emotional side. No matter what, we should respect both sides.

4) Yes like for example, nurses or cricketers but it mainly matters on the skills a certain human being has wether it is male or female.

Self Reflections

I am only going to answer the last two questions because I find that there are no great differences between male and female roles. I won't class anything as a "male" duty or "female" duty.

Do you think that males and females are similar and different? In what ways are males and females similar and different? In your opinion, do you think that males can take on female roles and vice versa? Why? Why not?

I believe that all the roles of the males and females should be the same other than physical abilities such as giving birth and what not. Although society has defined "male" roles and "female" roles, I strongly oppose it. It is the duty of a person to define his roles in a community or a society. As it is, I personally, remain unaffected by this, especially because when I was in P5, A lot of my friends discouraged me from singing or performing because I was a guy and guys "couldn't" sing or perform.

Self Reflections for CE on 26 September 2011

1.Well, I find that usually the males dominate many things. Even simple things like who's idea to choose! 

2.The females in my house usually do more of the housework and stuff like that, whereas the males don't need to.

3.I think that they are both human beings, so they can do almost the same things. They only are different in terms of slight physical means.

Self Reflections(26/9)

As a male,I don't really see much difference in my family or social circle.

The roles or male and female in my house are similar as both my parents work.

Males and Females are very similar other than the fact that naturally,a man would be stronger physically then female.

Yes,other than most physical work,male can do female work and vice versa.

Some Reflection Thing

I think males and females should have the same role as we should not think them of weaker people. There are also weaker males and females can dominate them. Males are breadwinners in my house and females are housewifes

Self Reflection:Bevan Koo

1. I see myself as myself in my family and not differentiate male and female. In my family, both my parents and sister work and the male and female help out with the housework too.

2. The roles of female and male should be the same and not different. If you want to do something, do it even though it is dominated by other gender.

CE Reflection Brendon

1) A male would do things that are more physical demanding and more technical.

2) Male would do things like fixing things, carrying heavy things. Female would do things like taking care of children.

3) Males and females are actually the same, humans. They can all do whatever they want, and go into jobs that might not necessarily might be for their gender.


Tuesday, September 13

Volleyball Lesson Plans

Hi Coaches for 16 Sept,

Please remember to submit your lessons plans to me by Thursday. If you don't have the template, you can download it from S&W Google Site.

Team Managers please remind them.


Mr Dennis

Push Cart Slides

Hi SST Sec 2 Students,

Please drop your Push Cart Presentations into the Submit folder of your respective I&E classes. Drop into both classes' folders if your group comprises members from 2 classes.


Mr Dennis

Year Book

Hi S206,

Anyone who is keen to buy the year book should pass me the money ($20 per book) on Thurs during Advisory.


Mr Lam

Monday, September 12

1) What do you think is the most appropriate title for the videos? Why?

'Sacrifice' would be appropriate, as these videos portray the effort put in by the parents in order to benefit their children because of the love they have.

2) How do you demonstrate your love and appreciation to your parents?

By being independent, we can assure our parents that we know what to do and therefore they would feel less stressed and less tired at the end of the day as they would not need to worry about us. In addition, being more obedient would reduce your parents' stress levels as they need not meet any resistance from the child. The child could also take that extra step if they can already manage themselves decently and help their parents with some problems or aid them. Hence, this would greatly benefit the parents' well-being and the child can also express appreciation to the parents.

3) "It is easier for a mother to take care of ten children than for a child to take care of his mother." Why?

The mother has love for each and every one of her children. However, if the children do not learn to appreciate her effort and concern for them, they would find it difficult to take care of their mother as the troubles they face cause them great frustration, instead of seeing it from their parent's point of view when they were under her care.

Tan Siah Wei

Hari raya activity

1. Be a nice person to them.

2. Yes, I agree as parents tend to give more than receive. 

3. 1st Vid: ???? 2nd Vid: 3 expenses I give for my son 
Reflect on the three questions:

How do you demonstrate your appreciation and love towards your parents?

We should we more bonded to them and we should help them do little things like the housework and tell them that you love them to show them love. 

 ‘It is easier for a mother to look after her ten children than for a child to care for his mother’.

 As the mother knows the 10 child's heart she can manage well and love us but us as immature little kids, we do not know how to show love to our parents but only think that their actions are useless and time consuming. 

 What do you is the most apt title for this video?Why?

 Love. Its about the love and relationships between family members.

Hari Raya Questions' Answers

I demonstrate my love to my parents by living with them. It is true. There are people who are aged 12-13 and they hate their parents so much that they do not even want to live with them. I also listen to them and show them respect.

I do not agree with this. Taking care of a mother is much easier than a mother looking after 10 children. Looking after one head is better than 10 heads. Who thought about this saying?

Hari Raya Reflections (Tan Hao Ming)

1) What do you think is the most appropriate title for the videos? Why?

I feel that the most appropriate title for the videos is "Parents' Sacrifices". This is because in the videos, they show how much the parents have sacrifice for their children so as to meet the needs of them; their needs. Their sacrifices are too big and the children have to know how to appreciate the love given to them.

2) How do you demonstrate your love and appreciation to your parents?

Our parents have been taking care of us for free since when we were young. They watched us and ensure that we grow up healthily, hence there is a need to show our appreciation to them. There is no need to wait until when we become adults then we do this, we can already start doing this when we are still young. There are many ways to show our thanks to our parents. To demonstrate my appreciation and love towards my parents, I feel that I can help them out with their housework so as to make their jobs or "lives" easier. Also, I feel that I need to listen to what they say and follow accordingly to their instructions so that they will not be upset. My parents are usually busy with their work and hence they do not really have enough time to take care of my siblings, so I should help them out in this area so that they will not get worried. I should not let them worry about my homework and should have time management.

3) "It is easier for a mother to take care of ten children than for a child to take care of his mother." Why?

A mother needs to take care of many children, which is not easy, but it will be worth it if her children knows how to appreciate the love which is given to them by their mother.

Reflections (Joel)

1. Parent's love? 
2. I greet them everyday and try not to say no when they ask for something. 
3.Yes, as the bonds between mother and child are the strongest onds formed in life.

Abram's Hari Raya Reflection

1.We could demonstrate our love to our parents by obeying their instructions and also by doing things that please them, for example, doing well in school.
2.It is only natural for any mother to love her children. Mothers, I guess, have gone through pain and suffering to raise her children, as well as giving life to her children. Therefore, it would be easier for a mother to easily love her children. On the other hand, a child never had to suffer or to sacrifice for their mothers, and that is why I think that it is much harder for a child to love his/her mother as much.
3.I think that the best title for the 1st video is 'The boy who realized that his mother loves him'. And the title for the 2nd video is 'The father and son'.

Reflections (Chan Jia Ler)

1) The most apt title for the videos is "Love", because both of them portray how the malays take care of, and love their family members.
2) I will try my best to make them happy, by studying hard and getting good grades for my exams, so that their hard work will not go to waste.
3) The statement shows how easy for the mother to love for and care for the ten children, but it is hard for the children, because they do not know how to return the gesture and how to take care for her.

Reflections on Hari Raya @ SST (2011)

  • Reflect on the three questions:How do you demonstrate your appreciation and love towards your parents?  I demonstrate love to my parents by greeting them everyday and telling them about my life. I also listen attentively to them and this strengthens our bonds. 
  • It is easier for a mother to look after her ten children than for a child to care for his mother’.  I strongly believe in this statement as the love from a mother to their child is worth more than a child can ever repay.
  • What do you is the most apt title for this video?Why? For the first video, I'd say the most apt title is "Family bonds" as the mother and the son are very respectful to each others statuses in a family, and for the second video, I'd name it "Sacrifice", as the father cares a lot about his son and sacrificed a lot of his time to raise him. :)
Abu Ubaidah


1)We repay what they had given to us,which is love and care.

2)Mother's naturally care for their child but some children choose to ignore the care that their mother had given to them when they were young.Which means that they are not filial.

3)The most apt title would be :"Malay Culture and Love"


1.I feel the title of the video should be a parents love.I feel that our parents love us,even though it seems that sometimes,it seems like they dont,they always will because they are our parents.

2.I show apreciation to my parents by thanking them for all the things they had done for me.I usually hug them and tell them I love usually.

3.The phrase is referring to how usually,a mother would care for their children but often,her children would forget about her,forget to take care of her.The phrase says that a mother,will love each child,no matter what.But wheather the child loves the mother back is a totally different story

-By Mirza (Has no posting rights)

Hari Raya Reflection ( Brendon )

1).How do you demonstrate your love and appreciation to your parents?

I can help them and try to understand them and obey them and not argue with them.

2) "It is easier for a mother to take care of ten children than for a child to take care of his mother." Discuss

It is easier for a mother to look after multiple children as it is natural for parents to take care of many children, and they can treat every child the same. But for a child to take care of the parent, the child might feel shy or the parent sometimes does not like it as they feel that they are being a burden for their child.

3) What do you think is the most apt title for the videos? Why?

Family love as it shows what both parent and child would do for each other as they love each other.

By: Brendon

Hari Raya reflection questions

reflect on the following questions below:
1. What do you think is the most apt title for the videos? Why?
2.How do you demonstrate your love and appreciation to your parents?
3."It is easier for a mother to take care of ten children than for a child to take care of his mother." Discuss

Reflections (Jonathan 12)

1) The most apt titles for the videos would be 'Parents love for their children' as both videos demonstrate how much the parents love their children.

2) I show appreciation to my parents by thanking them for whatever they have done for me and for bringing me up and also for whatever gifts or benefits I have gained from them.

3) This statement means that even though a mother has so many children to take care of, she still does and this shows how much a mother will care for her child. Even though there may be difficulties, a mother will still take care of her child and so the child should care just as much for his/her parents, no matter how difficult it may be.


1) In times of need, mainly, I help them. If they ask for anything, I do not refuse. I always love them and thank them in my heart for this life.

2) I think it should be 'Never-ending Mother's Love...'

3) I think this is true so we have to appreciate the life we are given.

Reflections (Jake 10)

1) I think the most apt title for the videos is "Unconditional love for my children" as it shows how much the parents are willing to sacrifice for their children. The first video showed how the mother sacrificed celebrating "raya" without her son for her son's sake, to let him do work. The second video showed how the father told his son the amount of love shown to him even before he could talk and ask his Father to repay him back.
2) I demonstrate my love and appreciation for my parents by taking responsibility for what i do and making them proud of me.

3) It is easier for a mother to take care of her 10 children as the mother would be able to show her love more genuinely, the mother's love for her children is unconditional compared to that of the children's love for her mother.


1) I'll show them as much as they show me.

2) for one mother, its easier because things get organised easier, for 10 children, its harder since they need co-ordination to create an event.

Importance of the malay culture.