Monday, September 12

1) What do you think is the most appropriate title for the videos? Why?

'Sacrifice' would be appropriate, as these videos portray the effort put in by the parents in order to benefit their children because of the love they have.

2) How do you demonstrate your love and appreciation to your parents?

By being independent, we can assure our parents that we know what to do and therefore they would feel less stressed and less tired at the end of the day as they would not need to worry about us. In addition, being more obedient would reduce your parents' stress levels as they need not meet any resistance from the child. The child could also take that extra step if they can already manage themselves decently and help their parents with some problems or aid them. Hence, this would greatly benefit the parents' well-being and the child can also express appreciation to the parents.

3) "It is easier for a mother to take care of ten children than for a child to take care of his mother." Why?

The mother has love for each and every one of her children. However, if the children do not learn to appreciate her effort and concern for them, they would find it difficult to take care of their mother as the troubles they face cause them great frustration, instead of seeing it from their parent's point of view when they were under her care.

Tan Siah Wei

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