Monday, September 12

Hari Raya Reflection ( Brendon )

1).How do you demonstrate your love and appreciation to your parents?

I can help them and try to understand them and obey them and not argue with them.

2) "It is easier for a mother to take care of ten children than for a child to take care of his mother." Discuss

It is easier for a mother to look after multiple children as it is natural for parents to take care of many children, and they can treat every child the same. But for a child to take care of the parent, the child might feel shy or the parent sometimes does not like it as they feel that they are being a burden for their child.

3) What do you think is the most apt title for the videos? Why?

Family love as it shows what both parent and child would do for each other as they love each other.

By: Brendon

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