Monday, September 12

Hari Raya Reflections (Tan Hao Ming)

1) What do you think is the most appropriate title for the videos? Why?

I feel that the most appropriate title for the videos is "Parents' Sacrifices". This is because in the videos, they show how much the parents have sacrifice for their children so as to meet the needs of them; their needs. Their sacrifices are too big and the children have to know how to appreciate the love given to them.

2) How do you demonstrate your love and appreciation to your parents?

Our parents have been taking care of us for free since when we were young. They watched us and ensure that we grow up healthily, hence there is a need to show our appreciation to them. There is no need to wait until when we become adults then we do this, we can already start doing this when we are still young. There are many ways to show our thanks to our parents. To demonstrate my appreciation and love towards my parents, I feel that I can help them out with their housework so as to make their jobs or "lives" easier. Also, I feel that I need to listen to what they say and follow accordingly to their instructions so that they will not be upset. My parents are usually busy with their work and hence they do not really have enough time to take care of my siblings, so I should help them out in this area so that they will not get worried. I should not let them worry about my homework and should have time management.

3) "It is easier for a mother to take care of ten children than for a child to take care of his mother." Why?

A mother needs to take care of many children, which is not easy, but it will be worth it if her children knows how to appreciate the love which is given to them by their mother.

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