Monday, September 12

Reflections on Hari Raya @ SST (2011)

  • Reflect on the three questions:How do you demonstrate your appreciation and love towards your parents?  I demonstrate love to my parents by greeting them everyday and telling them about my life. I also listen attentively to them and this strengthens our bonds. 
  • It is easier for a mother to look after her ten children than for a child to care for his mother’.  I strongly believe in this statement as the love from a mother to their child is worth more than a child can ever repay.
  • What do you is the most apt title for this video?Why? For the first video, I'd say the most apt title is "Family bonds" as the mother and the son are very respectful to each others statuses in a family, and for the second video, I'd name it "Sacrifice", as the father cares a lot about his son and sacrificed a lot of his time to raise him. :)
Abu Ubaidah

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