Monday, September 26

Self-Reflections for CE Lesson (Tan Hao Ming)

1) In my family, I see myself as a young male / adult who needs to take care of his own siblings as well as to prevent any conflicts or arguments in the family. In school, I see myself as a student who has to take care of the other students and at the same time help them out with their homework.

2) The male roles in my house are to work as a driver and to study smartly. These are important roles for the family. Likewise, the female roles of my house is to do some housekeeping and settle all the other matters. Other male roles in my house is to take care of the family, and this is the same for the females. This is the point that is the same between the males and the females in my house. 

3) Males and females have almost the same roles in the society, and they are similar. Every human being can make a difference in the society, and hence both males and females can actually change the society, and even change the world.There is no restriction that males cannot work in a job more for females and females cannot work in a job more for males. Females do work, not just males, but the roles of different people under the same jobs are the same; they have to serve for the society.

4) For some of the males and females, they will have their natural and special abilities / skills, but abilities / skills can be developed and trained. Some females have such natural abilities / skills that they are able to take up certain jobs for females and maintain their jobs well. This is the same for males, some males have such natural and special abilities / skills that they are able to do well in their jobs.

Reminder: I will be collecting the class fund for September on 30 September 2011, this Friday.

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