Monday, September 26

Self Reflections

I am only going to answer the last two questions because I find that there are no great differences between male and female roles. I won't class anything as a "male" duty or "female" duty.

Do you think that males and females are similar and different? In what ways are males and females similar and different? In your opinion, do you think that males can take on female roles and vice versa? Why? Why not?

I believe that all the roles of the males and females should be the same other than physical abilities such as giving birth and what not. Although society has defined "male" roles and "female" roles, I strongly oppose it. It is the duty of a person to define his roles in a community or a society. As it is, I personally, remain unaffected by this, especially because when I was in P5, A lot of my friends discouraged me from singing or performing because I was a guy and guys "couldn't" sing or perform.

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